Bad Lawyers!

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Not to toot my boss’s horn but, damn are there a lot of BAD lawyers out there! New client today, former attorney MUCKED UP his whole case! Poor guy is paying spousal support when the ex is putting it in her veins (proven) living with a boyfriend and his father and our client has the kids!

If you have a bad lawyer – you know it. You know it when they don’t return your calls after you’ve made eight of them. You know it when they treat you like crap. Make a bad lawyer withdraw.

If you have a bad lawyer, make him withdraw! Get rid of them, it takes SO MUCH work and more money on your part to keep going with them than it would if you ditch them when you realize they’re bad and look for a good one. Ask friends, coworkers, bosses for a recommendation – but this is DEFINITELY the time to ask for other’s opinions for a good lawyer.

They are hard to find – and honestly, you get what you pay for, but even some high priced attorneys suck really bad. Don’t do that to yourself!

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