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We’ve had the Wii here now for about a year. We initially bought ours from someone we found on Craigslist and got kind of a sweet package deal. Seems our seller discovered that the Wii is a multiple player geared game. Indeed.

I’ve never been into video games, despite the craze taking up the entirety of my generation, I unlike my classmates was working for my Grandmother during the summers as early as 12 years old because I wanted to learn her trade for one, and I needed to earn my own money so that I could eat at school and buy odds and ends for the house. So from the age I would’ve been getting acquainted with games and all that I was working and didn’t have the energy, or the game systems. That was not even a possibility in our home.

Regardless of all that, every now and then I’ll play Pacman, I’ve played games over the internet, on my various cell phones, when the time came for me to kill time – which I’ll tell you, isn’t often.

However, with the Wii I like to play. We started out having Wii Play and Wii Sports, which had a few games I liked, particularly the cow racing (it always reminded me of, shooting discs and bowling. I like to play I just don’t find a lot of time to do it, partially because it’s not high on my list of priorities of things to do in my free time. That made me sound really busy. šŸ™‚

But it’s true, I don’t play really often, I get busy with dishes, laundry, cleaning house, writing, working on websites, etc. But when I do play, I love it, the remote is simple and easy to use/understand the function of all the buttons and it’s interactive, it cheers for you and you have a cute little wii character called a Mii. It’s really fun. There’s other games I’m forgetting to mention that I really like too, but you get the point. Those games were cool. I love that you can buy games for the Wii on the Wii Shop Channel, through this I have rediscovered my love for GALAGA! There’s a newer version called Galaga 90 TurboGrafix16. INCREDIBLE! And we didn’t have to leave the house to get it!

I’m finding myself being drawn into video games, if you can imagine and approaching 30! The function of the Wiimote is endless, you can use it for so many different games, you can play tennis, mini golf, we bought Carnival Games for the Wii and love the function during the ring toss, ski ball and the balloon popping with darts game, there’s even a dunking booth in that game!

You become active and you don’t even think about it. You break a sweat during the boxing – which is so much fun you wouldn’t believe it! There’s endless hours of fun there, and it’s even better when you get friends involved – we find that our friends come over and start beating us!

Really it’s a fantastic game system, and I wouldn’t endorse any other except for the Nintendo DS because I have one of those that I won in a contest on (which has since been sold but was formerly authored by none other than the guy behind almost a year ago. We have the original NES system, we have a PS2 and now we have an XBox as well, but I love the Wii.

I recently bought Mario Kart Wii – and got Mario Kart DS when I won that contest, so I’m a serious Mario Kart fan, from what I’ve played so far on the Wii – it’s a must have! You’ll feel like a kid racing and competing across the world with anyone else signed on!

I’m very much looking forward to Wii Fit and reviewing it for you, as it advertises as a means to cut out the gym, and maintains a steady calculation of your BMI, weight, proportions and plan for activity. More on that once we get it.


I would recommend the Wii to any MouthyGirl or Boy and maybe even a few games too! Five out of Five stars – GET THIS GAME SYSTEM!



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  1. OMG, I totally want to own the Nintendo Wii! Of course, I can probably live without it, but it is one of the things I really want. šŸ˜‰ I still remember the first time it was announced, everyone had a puzzled look on their face and was wondering if it would do any good in stores. Well, it’s one of the most popular gaming consoles now! Wow…

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