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I’ve had a T-Mobile account for something like five years now, close to that anyways, maybe four. Overall I would say I’m pretty well satisfied with the service. I’ve used Sprint, which sucks. I’ve used other companies I can’t recall now because it’s been so long, and I’ve thought about switching to some other company before for the options in cell phones, or for various reasons.

But overall I’d say I’m satisfied. The customer service is incredible, the people are nice on the phone and have always thanked me for being a customer, every call – never fails. I like that – I like that I utilize a company that is hip to the customer service game. Having been a “customer service specialist” in a call center before (at a medical center but that’s beside the point) I really get irritated with bad service. That’s not a beef I have with T-Mobile.

I realize every cell phone company is going to drop a call or two, and you need to read the fine print on those that brag about the least amount of dropped calls, because usually they’re referencing a time from years ago, but if you’re just listening you don’t know that. Last time I watched a Cingular commercial they were saying they don’t drop calls and their fine print told me that the time mentioned was for a time four years prior!

Truth in advertising my butt. Regardless, I like TMo, they have great commercials and the Fav Five is an awesome little feature, turns out I do call a certain five people pretty regularly! Wow! I don’t lose calls a lot, it’s so seldom I can’t remember the last time.

The only thing I would criticize is their upgrade policy and contract termination policy. It’s a fee per line when you terminate, and though I started with one, I have three now. And you have to wait a year and a half for the full discount new customers get when you want to upgrade your phone. To boot, when you upgrade you have to sign a new contract if you want the discount – for the full discount right now you have to resign for two more years.

Now you know cell phone technology, it’s ever changing, in four months your new phone that cost you $400.00 is now being given away free as an incentive because there’s better technology out to charge $400 per phone for!

But for customer service, reliability, range and overall usability – I would advocate T-Mobile. I’ve stuck with them for four years, that’s a pretty big deal for me! I give them three and a half stars out of five.


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  1. Great little review about T-Mobile. I’m glad that you like T-Mobile and I think a lot of people would love to read this review about it. The reason is that I know it’s quite hard to write a review that’s…long. A lot of reviews I read on T-Mobile are short and just a few sentences. Of course, a lot of people have different opinions about T-Mobile too, but reading your review was actually very nice and relaxing!

    Are you planning on staying with them for a long, long time? šŸ˜›

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