Win an iPod by Commenting!

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June 4, 2008, next Wednesday is the last day of the contest, I will accept entries until 5 p.m. Central Standard Time on that day. When I arrive home that evening I will conduct the drawing with the help of my hott assistant Jason by video and will post it on YouTube with of course the video embedded here.

Did you know it was so close? Next Wednesday people! If you don’t have an iPod or even if you do, this one is WAAAAAAAY cooler! All iPod’s are not the same. This one is a special edition iPod, it’s Maroon Red and is engraved on the backside clip.


You’ll get to tell people that you got an 1 GB iPod for free from – or you could just say you won it on the internet. That always makes people ask questions. Always.

You can enter on this post (because it’s about the contest) or on the original post located here. Last time I did a contest, I did it on my original website Sabrina’s Money Matters and in the last week I opened the contest entries to requiring only a comment to enter.

So now, I’m changing the rules up a little, so to the people who posted a write up about the contest on their own blogs (Jess, Susan, Eva, Annick & Bunny) you now have two entries into the contest for that write up and still one for the comment about it (a total of three entries for each of you).

For the next week anyone that writes about this contest on their own blog will get two entries to the contest and those who comment on this blog will get one entry.

Let me make that a little more plain. As of right now until 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) June 4, 2008 – a comment on this post or the original post for the contest will count as an entry to the contest.

So all you have to do literally is fill out the comment form below, say hi to me and you’re in!

I can’t make it any easier. If you have any questions email me at and I’ll help you out ASAP! I should see lots of comments here now!

Good luck to all!


Think Like a Loser

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Sometimes I get in a phase in life where I think everything is good, life is great and I don’t think about where I came from and what I came from and I can see great things in the future.

Inevitably, I open my mouth, I leave out a detail or I forget about something important – completely by accident and throw myself right back into the fire pits of the past. The hell that makes me think the wrong way and expect the worst of everyone. The reminder of an upbringing nowhere near normal.

What I’m saying is, the child ain’t right. The child being me. So many of you grew up with mothers that loved you, that you could run to and feel safe. What a feeling that must be, one that I cannot imagine on my best day. I have to mimic others to appear normal, I’ve developed this as quite a skill, tho I carry a doubt within me that prevails and gets stronger every time I stumble. A growing boil within my insides that swallows up confidence and reminds me that my roots are never far behind me – that it wouldn’t take much to be back there.

I say I don’t dream because I like to forget them – and I certainly try not to commit them to memory but the recurring ones are the worst, they force me to remember. Where she is screaming and laughing at me and telling me she was right all along. That I really am stupid and reminding me of the foolishness of dreams.

She haunts me. Yesterday I opened my mouth and inserted my foot, up to the damned knee. I won’t go in to detail but the scary thing is that this is happening more and more lately. I find myself challenging the people that mean the most to me, and I can’t quite figure out where I’ve slipped and let that part of me through. Maybe I’m getting comfortable, thus getting lax? Scary thought.

A friend told me once that she’d learned in psychology that in order to “break the cycle of abuse” (such a stupid label I only use for familiarity), you have to constantly think about your actions, your temper, the way you think, constantly keeping yourself on point.

Since that time I’ve tried to do exactly that, I don’t succeed at it much and “I’m sorry” are words that roll off my tongue readily but if humility is redeeming, then I redeem myself a lot and save my own ass with it, else I don’t know how people stand me.

I’m feeling like the loser I was born to be – maybe it’s not such a bad thing, eh? I like to claim that I’m a realist…


Monday’s Musical Musing

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I think you all probably know by now music is a huge part of my life. If I could listen to music all day every day, I would be very happy about that. I thought I’d share some stuff I liked lately..

First up is Rihanna, “Take a Bow”:

Here’s another song I like a lot that I’ve been seeing on VH1 and wanted to share with you…Duffy, “Mercy”…

Here’s Natasha Bedingfield with “Pocketful of Sunshine”…

Good stuff no? Have you already heard these? What do you think?