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Today my son and I left the house at the same time, with him off to the bus stop and me off to work. As I pulled to the end of our street and watched him walk down there and turn and wave as he walked, I started thinking about times we used to have.

Last night he and I went to dinner because DH had to take a day trip to Louisiana to fix one of the machines he works on at his job, so the little guy and I went to dinner at Chili’s. He’s so entertaining at times, at other’s I could just wring his neck, but he’s his mom’s child for sure, not that I would but I could never deny him.

I compiled a playlist about a month ago for a contest on, a forum I am active in, and you should be too. I thought I would share with you some of the songs I enjoyed when I was in high school and at the beginning of my love of music…

There’s one more special song that holds a place for me that I had to go dig up the video for.

None other than Jack & Diane – although that song came out when I was three, my dad loved rock and roll and my mom loved country and they both loved music a lot (my mom impersonated Barbra Streisand at local clubs, she had the nose, I might actually contact her and see if she still has pics…) so I never new what era we were in because they always played what they loved regardless of when it was released.

One time it came on the radio and my older sister (who was just 18 at the time) told me while riding to school that the song reminded her of me and how she wishes she could have 16 back (I laugh about that conversation now) and hopes I enjoy it a lot more than she did.

The song has always been one that I crank up and it takes me back to the cruises around Joe Pool Lake I used to take in my CRX with my neighbor Joseph. He was my best friend back then, listened to my bitching (16 year old hormonal bitching) was such a decent guy and he never creeped me out, he was a year younger than me I think, but he was a really great friend to me.

I miss those times, music is like a vacation to me sometimes, I can put on something in particular and have a totally different outlook by the time the album is through. It’s remarkable the change it affects in me.

Do you get moved to music like that? And have memories in music? Any songs in the player that you love too? What’s your favorite memory from your teenage years?



4 thoughts on “GirlFriday Memory Lane

  1. Some great songs on this post! 😛 I love listening to those songs that I discovered and listened to every single day back then, it truly does remind me what I was going through and the time when I discovered the song! I think music gives us so many wonderful memories and I love music. I’m always looking to expand my music collection!

  2. Music is the soundtrack to your life
    I, like the poster before me can get taken
    back the moment I hear a tune. The earliest memory
    I have is that of the diamonds singing the stroll,
    My daddy was a product of that era of music and it
    seemed we always were listening to doo wop and the likes. He
    taught me to do the stroll when I was just a
    li’l one. and as a surprise at my wedding reception
    I had it played for he and I … We strolled, It
    was so awesome.
    1993 Binge and purge~ clutch show first time in the
    pit. I cant but help but hop around now when i hear
    that song, I’m thirty now and still get in the pit at Clutch shows that song just reminds me of “my first”
    Ruca bu sublime Reminds me of my Baby boy B he was a lil less then 2 the first time he sung that song
    so cute:)
    Then Unlce johns band by the GD that song takes me to Liv age oneish…dancing around like a butterfly toddeling back and forth being cute…
    sorry this was so long. I could go on too!

  3. I can hear a song and instantly a memory is sparked- James Taylor, Fleetwood MAc, Edie Brickell, I heard Blind Melon today and was back in my sophmore choir class. Madonna me and my sis little brats dancing in our jelly shoes AHHH

    Susan Ls last blog post..Real Mom- Art Curator

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