Let the Rhythm Move You to Win an iPod!

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Announcing the first ever MouthyGirl.com contest. A few posts ago I crossed the 100 post threshold. Which I think is significant…it shows how much I enjoy writing for you guys. Let’s get right to it, here’s the deal.

You have to Sign up to get MouthyGirl.com by email every day and I want you to write about this contest, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just something simple like this:

MouthyGirl.com is having a contest for an iPod shuffle and all I had to do was write this post about it and I signed up to get MouthyGirl by email everyday. MouthyGirl.com has great daily posts and GirlFriday is a special favorite of mine, you should check it out! It’s a really great place to say what you feel like saying without worrying about being judged or censored.

By all means feel free to write more, but I want a minimum of 50 words, and to mention why you like MouthyGirl.com. That’s one entry to the contest. Then you’ll want to Subscribe to MouthyGirl.com by Email for another entry. That’s two entries into the contest, if you don’t own your own domain name – myspace, facebook and similar sites do count – but you’ll have to provide the linkback in a comment here.

However, if you don’t have anywhere you can write about this for everyone to see, to enter you can write 50 words in the comments about why you like MouthyGirl. As a third method of entry, if you leave a comment with a link back to MouthyGirl.com that’s a third opportunity for entry. So you can potentially get as many entries as you want. Keep track of those comments and link to them here in the comments.

Don’t be spammy.

You Get:

1GB iPod Shuffle (color tbd) + free shipping.

Great huh? You know you want to enter.
The contest is running for precisely one month. Until June 4th, so however many entries you have in the contest by June 4th each will count as one more time your name is written down and thrown into the drawing.

At the end of the contest, I will video the drawing so you can see each step. If you’re curious, you can check out a contest I did over on Sabrina’s Money Matters last October.

No one is prohibited from entering this contest except me – so get after it folks and rack up your entries!


37 thoughts on “Let the Rhythm Move You to Win an iPod!

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  2. Hi Cat, I noticed that it was posted on a forum, being that it’s a contest forum, for Canadians – if she is from Canada, and is advising of a contest, I am curious how she violated the rules? Understand that I do not promote Spam and at first glance I thought about disqualifying the entry, however being that it was a Contest forum and by tracking the stats of that user, I can tell you they are from Quebec, I didn’t see any problem with it.


    MouthyGirls last blog post..Be Popular and Win Cool Stuff!

  3. Please note that Annick’s post above is invalid. We at goldfishlegs do NOT allow promotional posts and her post, which was incorrectly placed in a Quebec-only contest thread, was removed by our moderator’s this morning.
    It is really not reasonable to join a site such as ours when your only intention is to SPAM us so you can gain a contest entry. :roll:

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