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Well I went to buy the Ipod and they didn’t have any in stock, so I just ordered it from the Apple Store, which turned out to be the same price I expected and I got to get Burgundy Red engraved with MouthyGirl.com – so you’ll always remember your luck!


Let me show you what it looks like if I can…

Great isn’t it? I think it’s hot and I know you want it. What more could you ask for? You’ll get 1GB of space for your favorite music (again, no one is barred from entry) and you can jam during your lunch break, your workout, your laundry, faint classical music while you’re reading, great to make cleaning seem quicker…multiple uses for such a versatile machine. Who knew back in the times of the walkman that eventually we would be able to clip 1GB of memory in music form to a windbreaker and take a run – with no concern about skipping.

Wow. What times we live in. Now, there’s more to this post than me showing you a picture of your lovely prize. Oh indeed. Yes today also we have for you the announcement you’ll get excited about…the divulging of a wonderful secret meant to be spread….the ultimate in – okay I’ll cut the crap, I’m going to do a monthly contest on MouthyGirl.com.

Yes, I like giving stuff away, it’s fun and it makes people happy and that’s really cool. So yes, every month there will be a new contest to premiere.

So this is a perfect time to explain to you how I will be choosing prizes, unless we get a wonderful sponsor for these contests, I will be looking generally in the $35 – 60 range for the contest prizes. So I hope everyone is geared up to write a post about it, and even if you can’t use an iPod Shuffle for yourself because you already have one, or because you wouldn’t use it – wouldn’t it make a great gift, or a great prize on your blog?

Right. It’s simple to enter and your chances are great of winning!



3 thoughts on “Ipod and Contests

  1. I love how iPod allows you to engrave things on the back! I definitely think it’s one of the more gorgeous and sexy colors of the iPod. I use to love the blue iPod Nano, but when the red color came out, holy smokes, I fell in love. I look forward to the monthly contests on MouthyGirl.com in the future, I think gift certificates from Amazon would be a lovely prize, but whatever you choose I think we’ll all drool over. šŸ˜† Has it been kind of tempting sitting near an iPod Shuffle and not being able to open it, Sabrina?

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