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I work with an investigator who is likely going to ship out to Iraq in a matter of weeks. Through talking about this and various other things, he has told me about a friend of his in the Marine Corps from Texas who is overseas in Afghanistan and is a blogger…they call him Taco. (I love that!)

He recently won a blogging award from – the World’s Largest Index of Military Blogs and has recently changed his home from Blogspot to Yay Taco for being the master of your own domain! (Pun intended)

But more to the point, I don’t think that we ever get an accurate representation from our “news” stations, if you can call them that, of the war in Iraq and how all of that is going.

Regardless of your opinion of the war, and how you feel about the politics of all of it, the soldiers are still over there fighting while all the politicians figure out which orifice is their ass and how to cover it, so they still need our support, unconditionally. These are the men and women of this country who believe in our freedom so much they are willing to die for it, I think they deserve to be heard.

So I’m linking you up to so that you can hear directly from a soldier living over in the middle of all of this. Check it out, see what Taco has to say, and don’t forget to check out the former home of Sandgram at blogspot. I want to give a personal thanks to him and all his comrades for fighting for my right to write for and all of the other freedoms that they protect for me and you.

Think about it this way, if the tables were turned and I were born in Iraq or Afghanistan or any of those countries that do not have the freedoms we do, would not exist, at least not by my hand. I can’t imagine living in a world where what I thought was not something I could then say, and yes, I take it for granted. Every time I write on this blog and every time I open my mouth to speak when I haven’t been spoken to.

Thank goodness men like Taco and other countless men and women have taken up this cause of freedom and have sworn at all costs to protect it. I owe them much more than thanks.

This message brought to you by the Freedom of Speech and the men and women who have fought for it.



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  1. YAY taco!YAY sabrina, for telling us about TACO! I never hear any news cause I think its a bunch of shit so we dont watch it… Reading the news from Taco might be right where its at! good lookin out!

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