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This morning on the radio amidst the usual, “Blah blah blah… music….blah blah blah blah blah…music…blah, etc” one show I was hopping between was talking to someone from the eWomenNetwork, and at one point she said, “Staying power comes from pursuing greatness”. Which immediately clicked in my brain as a great soundbite.

Since I started MouthyGirl.com I’ve had a hard time finding my voice, not because I don’t have one or that it’s muted, nay, it’s because I censor it. I am what the psychiatric world refers to as “A Peacekeeper” so it’s hard for me to write rants without restraint or go off without holding back. But I am learning.

Last week I did several things to grow this Mouthy brand that I am willing to shove down the throat of every male voice saying I can’t say anything I want to – whenever I want to. To them I want to say don’t fucking humor me bitch, LISTEN! Mouthy doesn’t mean loud and obnoxious, mouthy means shut the fuck up because I have something to say – you’re not going to want to miss it. So this is what I’m doing to further the cause that becomes MouthyGirl.

I ordered business cards to pass around, and ink pens to put in local business pen cups and that Ipod to give away.

All of these things to further the reach of MouthyGirl.com – and who knows what else once I get this ball going downhill? But that quote, “Staying power comes from pursuing greatness.” that one is a real gem. I think I’ll make it my mantra.

One day MouthyGirl will be a verb and not just a blog. I’m pursuing greatness baby!




5 thoughts on “Pursuing Greatness

  1. MouthyGirl is so catchy and that is a great idea about the business cards. The quote is super lovely too and full of meaning, I can see why you like it. I see fantastic things for MouthyGirl.com in the future and I look forward to seeing what you come up with that’s more awesome than business cards. I think we would all love to see you pursue greatness and increase the number of visitor to this wonderful blog.

  2. Great name, great mantra, now you just need some great branding and you will be on your way!!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this MouthyGirl brand.

  3. Just found your blog. I have to agree that so far for me, I find myself wondering how much is prudent for me to censor and whether those restrictions are realistic or self-imposed. I love your idea that it’s okay to be Mouthy (capitalized, you’re building brand here) and strident because what you’ve got to say is worth it. I wish more people had that attitude!

    Serendipitys last blog post..The Pleasures of Unplugging

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