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Last night the DH showed me something that made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to cry. Did you ever watch the Dave Chappelle Show? It was hilarious! I thought it crossed the line a little sometimes, but that’s what made it great!

There’s an episode with Wayne Brady…lemme go find that BRB! Turn the volume up because the recording is kind of muted, but this is hilarious – you know Wayne Brady from “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”

Isn’t that great? Hilarious. But that’s not all, I’ve got a remix for you. Oh yes, there’s a DJ from Baltimore who’s been playing with these episodes and made killer beats out of them, here’s my favorite one so far…

OMG!!! I love Dave Chappelle and I was very pissed when he quit the show. Why quit at the height of your popularity? Anyways, that’s for another time and channel.

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy these and your weekend!



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    Came over here through John Cow dot com, liked your comment very much, your blog also has a unique touch to it so keep it up.

    Just a suggestion/question – why do you only show the first two post? SEO wise, it’s not that good. Just a suggestion there, everyone has his own considerations šŸ™‚


    Allen.Hs last blog post..Quit Making Fun of Yourself

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