Isn’t Great Sex Just……….Great?

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Let’s face it, the first time we have sex sucks. The circumstances may be great and whatever but the first time sucks. If you’re lucky you get someone who knows what they’re doing or is attentive enough to know how to please you when you’re young, so that it’s enjoyable for you from the start.

Some of us aren’t so lucky and we get well into our twenties before we get anyone good. Such was my situation. If you go through life not knowing how good it can be, you can easily fool yourself into thinking what you’ve got is fine because you don’t know what you like.

I think a lot of people go their whole lives without having a really good sexual experience, or experience an orgasm for that matter. In retrospect I think of how much I was missing and am glad I’m not anymore. 😈

But I wonder, how do you learn things like this, what you like and don’t without being promiscuous? By watching XXX rated films? Isn’t most of that about money shots and women servicing men? How does a female learn anything from that? I wonder too why it’s so unacceptable for women to talk about sex and participate in the experimentation that men enjoy without reprisal?

Just for fun I went and found a porn star name generator… 😈

My porn star name is Sarah Moan.
What’s your sexalicious porn star name?

What if I went to a bar every other night and picked up a new guy and brought him home, had a great romp in the hay and pushed him out the door the next morning with his boots on, keeping his hat as a souvenir?

I think a man keeping a woman’s panties being deemed as sexy and conquerors, keeping a man’s hat can be the same for a woman. We always look good in men’s things, and make them look better even. πŸ˜‰

Back to the point, I would like to know how you learn what good sex is when you have bad examples. Romance novels? I’ve read a few and some of them are indeed juicy, is that where we’re to learn about the joys of our bodies at the hand of a lover? Where did you learn about great sex? Do you think you have great sex?

I made up this survey to see what you have experienced, please take it, it’s a way to comment while staying anonymous. 😈

Great sex

How do you learn about sex and what you like?

Where did you learn about good sex?

A lover.
A movie.
A book.
A magazine.
Self exploration.
Mutual exploration with a friend.
I don’t know what good sex is.

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Isn’t this fun. Being naughty is very fun πŸ™‚ I’ll update a post later after you have all answered the poll.



7 thoughts on “Isn’t Great Sex Just……….Great?

  1. I am…Janice Lube! πŸ˜€ Haha, I love weird surveys like this to pass the time! Romance novels are interesting too but I rarely read them…just not my cup of tea. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Me and my peeps have been doing the striper/porn name thing since HS, this is how we did it though… we take our first pets name, and our first street we lived on name and thats how I get my pron name which is “Smokey Austin” I like it and I think It sounds hot.

    So on to this Sex thing. I’m not a bit ashamed to say that I have only ever been with one man. I have been with my DH since we were in Jr. high. So of course he was my first, and he will be my last more then likely.
    I admit as a couple of kids things were not all that great, but he was attentive and made sure I was always satisified. As we get older things keep getting better and better too.

    I wanted to make two vote enteries, I clicked lover but I really think there should have been two votes the other was self taught.I learned what my body liked by self exploration, then being the Mouthygirl I am I would tell him what I liked and he’d do it… Of course he’s always coming up with his own tricks that I like too!

    Ses is good, Great sex is better:)

  4. I like the sound of a sex license, where you have to take a course. Wonder what the test would be? Would you get to pick your partner? Would there be entrance exams? Wow that’s a pandora’s box… πŸ˜‰

    I think what trips so many people up is that everyone is different, there’s no standard rule of pleasure for everyone. We all require different stimuli to achieve our pleasure..

    Sabrinas last blog post..Isn’t Great Sex Just……….Great?

  5. It’s harder for men. Fact.

    We learn nothing from porn except for the fact that all women are dirty, you can stumble upon a couple having sex in public and join in, ten seconds of being “down there” is enough for a woman, women wear high heels in bed, it’s acceptable practice to slap your cock in women’s face, slap their arse and finish on their face and – the worst in my eyes – women are pleasantly surprised to open a mans trouser zipper and see a cock there.

    What men need is some sort of “sex licence”, like a driving licence but for sex to get us up to speed before we move onto the real thing. And, I guess looking back at my past, some women do too πŸ™‚

    Good post, my porn name is “Curtis Dunn”. Which I can’t find anything rude about it exept the past tense of “Doing”.

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