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I found a fun Sex Quiz to help you find out how you are in bed. I am not at all too proud to say that I make sure my DH isn’t looking for anything anywhere else, and you do that by filling needs.

That’s what a commitment is about, beyond all the promises and idealism, seriously, good sex is very important in a relationship. A MouthyGirl should fill the needs of her significant other, when you finally find that one that you can see into the future with…that relationship deserves your all. Everything you can give it, absolutely give it.

When you love completely, whether it works out forever or not, you can walk away and know you gave it everything you had and didn’t hold anything back. I think that provides closure when a relationship doesn’t work out. Be choosy who you’re picking, make sure they aren’t going to hurt you as soon as you become vulnerable – but don’t hold back once you know they’re committed too.

Sex for both people in a relationship is very important because in the beginning it’s hot and heavy and excellent for both parties. Then it wanes, but why? Don’t leave it to him to make all the moves I know it’s easy to expect that because he’s the man, but you know you like it too so get after it and take what’s yours. That’s what I believe anyways. A man likes to feel wanted just as much as a woman does. 😈

Like the porn star name generator from yesterday, get naughty and make things interesting. If you’re especially brave you could even seek out a strippercise class to learn that technique of exercise. I’ve heard it has great results. πŸ˜‰

I’ll never forget my little sister asking my dh one day if he and I had a song, and he looked at her without even taking a second to think and named, “Closer to God” by Nine Inch Nails and my sister says, “Aaaw!”. I blushed at the time and they all laughed at me because I’m modest, if you could only see my face as I write this, lol. But it was and is still flattering to know he’s that passionate about us. 😈

I am proud to say that we’re five years in and there have been no complaints. Go that extra mile, take that extra step and be sexy, maintain some mystery and keep things hott!

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  1. I agree, I think honestly that women as a
    whole need to realize that nakedness is all
    that is usually required to get some action.
    Throwing in a shimmy or a shake can make
    any sex life a little more exciting and
    life is so short, why not spend half of it


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