The Dirt Road

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It’s the name of my MySpace blog… “xXxXx The Dirt Road xXxXx”. Cute huh? It’s very self descriptive of me.

It’s funny that I describe myself with that and forget sometimes that I remark how my son insists on taking the dirt path, we show him the paved road (the easy way to do things) but instead he does it his way and sometimes that ends up being harder. He’s like his mom.

I can’t say I’m any better. I’m a bit of a know it all even. Big surprise huh? LOL. I can admit my faults, I act like I know everything and so does my son, that apple didn’t fall far at all. I insist on doing things my way when I can and if it’s a harder way, oh well I’m there anyways.

The dirt road for me is appealing because I know that a lot of people haven’t gone that way before, and I might catch a few things down that way that others have missed. Maybe. You never know until you go there right?

I figure I can read about the other path later, so many people have taken someone has written about it surely and I can catch what they learned vicariously, but the real adventure is on the dirt road.

You get tripped up by the occasional rock which only brings you closer to the ground, nothing wrong with staying grounded. I’ve been told and truly believe that you just have to get up one more time than you fall down to be successful.

I fall all the time, literally and figuratively and I learn something every time. When it’s a literal trip, I usually only learn what tripped me, but when I fall in life and I am forced to pull myself back up again, I certainly learn what the hell NOT to do!

But stumbling is human nature, we don’t always know the direction we are taking isn’t the right one, but we take it anyways and hope for the best – knowing there’s a lesson to be learned whether or not we have to turn around, go back and start over.

Sometimes the lesson is that I should have read the signs along the way and I wouldn’t have gotten lost and wasted so much time.

What lessons have you learned on the dirt road?



7 thoughts on “The Dirt Road

  1. I really like the name, quite catchy. For the lessons I have’s probably that when on the dirt road, everyone judges everyone but just ignore them. Be who you want to be and don’t do something just to impress others. Media is such a huge, huge factor in society and don’t believe everything you see/watch. Just be yourself and be happy. That’s the most important lesson. Be happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Here’s a song that was popular when I was a
    kid that I thought of just now…

    The Dirt Road by Sawyer Brown

    Daddy worked hard for his dollar
    He said some folks don’t, but that’s o.k.
    They won’t know which road to follow
    Because an easy street might lead you astray

    I’ll take the dirt road, it’s all I know
    I’ve been a’walking it for years
    It’s gone where I need to go
    It ain’t easy, it ain’t supposed to be
    So I’ll take my time
    And life won’t pass me by
    ‘Cause it’s right there to find, on the dirt

    I have lived life in the fast lane
    You gotta watch your back and look both ways
    When it’s said and done the time we have is
    You better make real sure you’re headed the
    right way

    Chorus x2

    On the dirt road

  3. lesson 1… traveling the dirt road makes for a dusty skirt!

    lesson 2… traveling the dirt road is most often a lonely journey… cause all the weak ass punks are on the black top!

    Lesson 3… Taveling on the dirt will make you stronger.

  4. Hey Allen! Good to see ya! I’m glad you found it interesting…I like to think I can be interesting sometimes, lol.

    I don’t think that was cheesy at all, there are always those few people that will follow you on your path, and just as a course of nature it becomes a main road when lots of people thinking it’s a shortcut, then reality sets in and it’s a dirt road again. I’m with you on that.

    I have rocks in my shoes again….gotta go dump my boots!

  5. Wow, getting deep here eh? Interesting ramble there..

    Well, I learned that dirt roads usually become main roads and the cycle completes itself when a main road becomes a dirt one again…it happens literally and it happens metaphorically..

    Wow, I think I just broke a new cheesy-Allen record..but anyway, was interesting reading your post!


    Allen.Hs last blog post..AlleNation: The Podcast, Yep!

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