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LMAO! Creepy moment eh? Let me tell you a funny story. (Hey Dennis!) Two days ago I was looking over MouthyGirl.com’s stats checking out where my traffic is coming from so that I can further emphasize the right avenues, so on and so forth right?

Well for a few months now I’ve noticed someone that works with my husband is reading MouthyGirl – which I think is awesome! But then I noticed they were searching “dh” which is an acronym for dear hubby and then after that they searched “Jason” and then I thought it was a girl maybe looking for me to be writing something she didn’t think Jason would appreciate. Look, I’m a girl and I get jealous and that doesn’t mean that rational thought follows! I love my man and no one else can have him, so definitely in my mind I was a bit on the territorial side.

I called Jason over to my laptop to explain what I was looking at and why it was creeping me out and kind of ticking me off. The next day he discovered it was Dennis – a really cool guy he works with. (I hear you’ve acquired a cherry MR2 – good choice!)

So now my jealous bone is no longer inflamed and all is right in the MouthyGirl.com stats world again – and I know who one of my readers is!

This is where I thank all three of you for being readers and do my parade wave…..**parade wave ensues………………parade wave over** I appreciate you guys for reading MouthyGirl.com and that’s why I’ve put up an Ipod – as an offering for my appreciation. I think you’re all great and without your comments and encouragement I wouldn’t have any mouthy buddies!

So thank you for reading MouthyGirl everyone! Love ya!

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4 thoughts on “I’m Watching You

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  2. I so feel your pain, I woudl have totally flipped a gasket if I thought jesse had a girl trying to read about him in my blogs…maybe I shoudl see about my blogs and who reads them???

  3. Hey, I’ll do the wave! *parade wave* Hehe, that is pretty weird and creepy. It’s important to realize how amazing how much power YOU have too, knowing where we all are in the world…what we do on your blog. šŸ˜Ž Hey, if I didn’t have MouthyGirl.com, I would have to wander the internet searching for a new blog that I would visit each and every single day. So, many thanks to you! šŸ™‚

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