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I’m really pissed! I wanted to bring you guys the Spartans cheers from SNL. I thought that would be a hilarious little thing to put up today and so far I’ve not found a single clip I could share with you. I blame the Commies.


But I did find this one:

Over The Weekend


I loved Chris Farley. Lemme go find more, like the one with him and Patrick Swayze, oh that was HILARIOUS!

Awesome! That’s got to be one of the funniest skits ever! What are your favorite SNL or MadTV skits? I always thought SNL was really funny and then the great ones started leaving the show and now MadTV is the funniest in my opinion, which show do you like better?

And hey….


As of today there are exactly 18 days left in the contest for the Ipod. Let me just show you the entry rules again you can enter on this post, or place a comment for your entry on this post as well:

Sign up to get by email every day and I want you to write about this contest, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just something simple like this: is having a contest for an iPod shuffle and all I had to do was write this post about it and I signed up to get MouthyGirl by email everyday. has great daily posts and GirlFriday is a special favorite of mine, you should check it out! It’s a really great place to say what you feel like saying without worrying about being judged or censored.

By all means feel free to write more, but I want a minimum of 50 words, and to mention why you like That’s one entry to the contest. Then you’ll want to Subscribe to by Email for another entry. That’s two entries into the contest, if you don’t own your own domain name – myspace, facebook and similar sites do count – but you’ll have to provide the linkback in a comment here.

However, if you don’t have anywhere you can write about this for everyone to see, to enter you can write 50 words in the comments about why you like MouthyGirl. As a third method of entry, if you leave a comment with a link back to that’s a third opportunity for entry. So you can potentially get as many entries as you want. Keep track of those comments and link to them here in the comments.

So enter the contest! Even if all you do is sign up for the updates by Email that’s one entry to the contest, which is better than none. Make sure you take that extra step and verify your subscription because if it’s not an active subscription, you’re not entered into the contest. So far there are three entrants, Susan, Jess and Eva. Get after it people! I’ve made it SO easy!

UPDATE: Thanks to @cgranier from my Twitter list of lovelies – we have a Spartan Cheer to share! Without any further ado:

Aaaah. I feel much better now! LMAO – Have a great Friday folks!



6 thoughts on “GirlFriday Win an Ipod!

  1. I’m gonna have to go buy some of those Best of collections that Time Life advertises or something, I loved so much of the old stuff and have gotten spoiled watching whatever I want on satellite. to Amazon I go!

  2. Awwww…hulu can only be viewed in the States! Meaning that your international readers can’t enjoy the cheer… :O ๐Ÿ™
    That’s ok tho, the others were enjoyable! I love SNL but I never watch it anymore.

    Ericas last blog post..Costa Rican Honeymoon Part 1

  3. I loved Saturday Night Live back in the day with both the Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers cast and the Will Ferrel, Norm MacDonald, Tracy Morgan cast. Hmm my favorite sketches were probably Goth Talk with Chris Katan and Molly Shannon and Opera man with Adam Sandler. Loved Matt Foley and all the sketches on your you tube as well.

    soge shirtss last blog post..Guest post : Fallen Disposable Idols

  4. Livin’ in Chris Farley’s hometown, well in the suburbs of, he is my fave. My brother can do an awesome Matt Foley. I can’t wait for the family to go to a special Chris Farley exhibit here in Madison. It was put together by his family!

    Susans last blog post..Friday in Pictures

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