Don’t Call it a Comeback

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Have you noticed that a lot of things from the generation that a lot of us are from are coming back? Dance shows, leg warmers, big huge shades on your face reminiscent of George Michael? I Love the 80’s has become more than a show on VH1, it’s become the fashion again. Which on one hand is sort of funny in a nostalgic sort of way, but kind of creepy too. Are we not creative enough to come up with fresh ideas? We have to rely on decades past for our style now? What’s next poodle skirts? Seriously…what gives?

Musically, a lot of older songs are getting remixed into new ones, or covers are being done by now famous bands of songs that really should be reintroduced for their musical quality. For instance:

Rebel Yell originally by Billy Idol, this cover done by Drowning Pool (which I think is excellent):

Example #2, Word Up redone by Korn:

Example #3, The Wall redone also by Korn:

Yes I’m a fan, shut up. They kick ass and I defy anyone to argue. I have a huge appreciation for music, I would say that I always have a song in my head, always. At any given time I could sing it, but wouldn’t. My dad is a DJ, and has always been a rock and roll lover, my mom in her twenties was a Barbra Streisand impersonator and always sang in the car and was a country music and some rock lover. So I grew up with music all around me and have always felt it was a big part of my life. So I rock out all the time, I have diverse musical taste and can appreciate all types of music from instrumental jazz to heavy metal to old country. I’m easy to please.

Anyways it’s just an observation I’ve made, what do you think? Am I imagining things? Is it not looking more and more like we should expect a remake of the A-Team?




23 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback

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  9. I believe that it is true that many “older” things are now reappearing today! One of these things is fashion, which is always going back to the “older” styles and it does do something amazing to the styles. There’s so much inspiration and knowledge about the past that we can bring back almost anything and reinvent it. For music, I think people bringing back some past songs is great…for example, American Idol does a great job with that. Carrie Underwood singing “Alone” by Heart (1987) is one of the most amazing moments to illustrate this point…I absolutely fell in love with that song when she sang it.

  10. ha ha rock on Billy Idol. I saw him a few years ago at a festival and he was strangely absolutely awesome. he sung an acapello version of Knarls Barkley’s crazy whicj shocked everyone.

    I like Korn too but am not a huge fan. That album with the pin doll on the front was great. If we are going to talk about comebacks then…… we need to think about the first half of the 90’s

    Rage are back, Sound Garden are back, Pixies are kind of back….. I love it though :). Next they will be convincing Kurdt’s daughter to join Nirvana.

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