Home Ownership is for Suckers

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I’m beginning to think I was premature in the contest. With only a few entries and we’re closing in on the last two weeks, I think I might pull the contest to be run at another time.

Or maybe the prize is too common? Tell me, is the iPod not appealing? If not, I’ll keep that bad boy and buy something else to offer up in another month or two, when I have five readers instead of just the wonderful three of you. šŸ™‚


Today is Monday, when I get home from work tonight I’ll be packing up my office to prepare for our move back to a more familiar land, closer to work for hubby and me and a familiar school district for MouthyBoy. We missed Euless, a lot. The convenience of having an Albertsons two blocks away, as opposed to twenty minutes, etc.

Having a house is overrated. There I said it. Phew. I thought I might pass out over that. I’m 29 and I spent the last year stressed and worried over all the bills coming together and the tax bill we received at the beginning of the year. We signed the contract to build when things were stable, steady and reliable.

We moved into the house after it was completed and three months later, massive rains took my hubby’s car away from us – one year shy of being paid for. Two months later my lovely reliable Corolla decided to stop being so reliable and the air conditioner worked when it wanted to (a huge deal breaker in Texas) so I sold that baby of mine in record time on Craigslist and bought a Protege…zoom zoom

Three months after that I felt my job was threatened. I was working as a Transcriptionist in a Dermatopathology Practice and our lab supervisor decided she didn’t like a fellow employee and gave my boss an ultimatum, “Him or me.” My boss chose him – regardless that he was more dedicated to that practice, had put much more into that practice since it’s inception and had TONS more respect for her (read: bosslady) than our lab supervisor did.

So he lost his job, and I feared that because dear old lab super and me didn’t always see eye to eye and I quite frankly didn’t like her or trust her after that, it was possible I was the next ultimatum – and unfortunately I could easily (I felt) be replaced so I started seeking alternative employment. Subsequently I found this place and have been here since.

But it seemed like we couldn’t have any luck if not for bad luck. Moving is not a pleasant activity, but the anticipation of the freedom of renting is about to kill me. Before this house I thought renting was for morons. I know better now.

We’re walking away, as so many others have before us in other homes and different situations in our economy as of late, we’re walking away. After all, it’s just a business deal, we decided the product was no longer worth the expense, and it’s time for it to go.

I know I seem scatterbrained today, and really it’s because I am – lots

So, my wonderful three readers, do you own or rent? What are your feelings on your situation and the positives and negatives of each in your mind?



2 thoughts on “Home Ownership is for Suckers

  1. We own and thank God hubby is so handy cause otherwise we would have just been throwing our money away. We are very lucky in that we bought in the good ol days where houses were reasonable and now will make out very nicely when we sell. Of course it is getting somebody to buy right now that will be the deal breaker. Good luck moving and getting out from under the house!!

  2. I own, I reanted for many yrs though befor this purchase. I say owning would be better because you have something that is yours. of course you pay for it every
    month as you would renting but in the end the bank gives you papers that says its yours! YAY this one will be mine in 25 more yrs:(

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