Help Me Think I’m Somebody Else

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This morning I posted a bunch of Top 40 80’s songs I would’ve loved to hear this morning…I’m glad you all liked it, so now that the morning is over…I had more music to share with you, some by request and some that are on the ever playing jukebox in my head.

Rach this first one is for you chica!

Bow down! This is the rock version of my music fiending this morning when I didn’t hear my favorite tunes…here’s another one from our lovely, wonderful and ever rocking Nine Inch Nails…(read: sarcasm)

I feel like the announcer at a concert. LOL.

Packin’ up my game and headed out West like the real McCoy.

This one sadly I can only provide you the link to because no one wants to share this video…. Shoots & Ladders. Ring around the rosy baby.

I’m not happy about this at all, but do go check it out…after you read this post that is….very cool ass video – and back when the lead singer was still HOTT.

This lead singer was a philosophy student…little trivia for you there..

Can you not just bang your head and forget all your worries with that? Awesome remake, just awesome. Let’s not forget the one song everyone remembers these guys by…

Your servant I am…are you down with the sickness?

Man, I just wanna crank up the stereo and jam all day….too bad I have to work. Lunch break over folks, gotta go!



32 thoughts on “Help Me Think I’m Somebody Else

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  9. No joke, that Emo stuff is ridiculous. I have a
    cure for that -Kickstart My Heart! That’ll
    make anyone get over depression, when music
    like that exists there is no need for sadness.

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