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Just because I want to today, I’m bringing you some oldies but goodies…I jammed all the way to work this morning, heard some great music, but there were a few things I didn’t hear that I would’ve really enjoyed. So I’m going to put them up here because as I find them and add them, I’ll get to hear them.

Ha Ha! And you’re all suckers in my game of “What’s on Next?”! Remember Salt-N-Pepa? Push it baby!

This dance ain’t for everybody now….only the SEXY people….so all you FLY muthas, get on up there and dance…DANCE I SAID!

Okay, this next one was more a ladies favorite but you’ll know it…

Anyone around? I think we’re alone now…so let’s get right to the next song…always makes me wanna get busy…lol.

Loosen up! Love the voice in the beginning, this was the UK video – the US video was a concert version of the song. Still awesome. Wanna know how into Def Leppard I am? Yeah, I’ve seen the movie. Ha!

And oh yes, who can forget the jam that we all know the words to? Tell me you don’t mouth the words when the beat kicks up…

Oh yes, I went there.

Got some favs you want to share? Tell me what they were here in case I’ve left any out I might go get some more at lunch and bring you a new set of tunes for this afternoon…if you’re good. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ



62 thoughts on “You Got Me Going

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  9. Maybe I’ll do a post later today with all my
    “bad girl” music like “Closer” & “Head Like
    a Hole” & various other things you probably
    didn’t think I was into.. lol..I might surprise
    you ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  10. head like a hole~ NIN ??? wheres that at? hehe I didn’t figure you listened to that stuff …But I’m a good girl you can put it up for me!

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