I Remember, Do You?

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It’s Thursday. The Thursday before a three day weekend…which is cause for celebration. More importantly is the reason that we’re not working… the whole United States will sit in a day of remembrance and appreciation of our military men and women who fight for our freedom day in and day out.

Tomorrow is the last day of one of our investigators here at my job. He’s shipping out to Iraq next week and regardless of my political stance about this war and the feelings I have about our president and 9/11 and all of that. I feel for him.

He has a son who is at that age where the impression is made of their parents, the fingerprint so to speak that you leave on your children, I feel, is left when they’re 2-7. That’s the prime bonding time in my opinion and that’s when you really want to show how much you love your kids and family. The way he talks about his kids and his wife, I know this will be hard on them, his job now I’m sure is hard on them, but in a way I believe it will make it just a little easier on his wife. The overnight surveillances and the early morning evidence retrievals and the trips with clients as a bodyguard. Theirs is already a challenging marriage with that kind of a work schedule.

His work never stops, he jokes that he has to go to Iraq to get a vacation. He makes light, but I know this is hard for him. It would be impossible for me. Monday I will be thinking of him and his family, my Uncle who passed two years ago as a result of the Agent Orange used in Vietnam that he was exposed to, my neighbor who is serving our country in Germany, away from her husband for two years.

All around me there are people who have dedicated their lives to this country and it’s the least I can do to call attention to their sacrifice and appreciate it for what it is. They are putting their lives and families on the line, for me. And you. And our children.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about our military men and women, and it will not be the last. They are the caretakers of our country, the fathers and mothers that protect us from harm. Every day that I leave my house with my hair uncovered and make up on and leaving the house I live in with the man I got to choose, I am thankful for my freedom.

Memorial Day isn’t just another day off.


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