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This really sucks, my hands are black from newspaper, and packing my kitchen, my back aches from the up and down from counter to floor, to sitting on the floor and back up. I’m going to get on the Wii Fit and do some yoga about an hour after we eat dinner to limber up and loosen some of the tension from all of this. Get this – we’re moving to a THIRD FLOOR apartment. How’s that for mandatory exercise. LOL. I’ll be adding that time to my Wii Fit time every day. It’s significant.

This has been our most organized move so far. We’ve figured out who’s doing what during the move, we’ve stacked boxes along a wall in our dining room and taken down a lot of things. My son hasn’t spent the night at home since Thursday night, all his friends have been keeping him very busy. We’ll miss the neighborhood, but in the interest of eating daily, we have to make this move.

There are some important things to remember on moving day, I’m hoping that we can avoid the beer drinking that is typical of moving day and friends helping out. That always slows everything down. And I’ll be upstairs trying to unpack our things as they’re moved upstairs, and the wonderful mother in law will unpack our kitchen which will be incredibly helpful. šŸ˜€

Well, gotta go, got way more to do!


5 thoughts on “Moving to a New Location

  1. Ugh, moving! Hope it goes well for you.
    I’m very jealous that you have a Fit already! I’m still trying to track one down. Silly me for not pre-ordering.

    Ericas last blog post..Thoughts

  2. At first the balance games and yoga were my favorites, but aerobics has quickly taken their place with the hula hoop competition and a step game not unlike step aerobics. It’s great fun, and because it’s in game form – truly feeling like a game – you don’t even think about the workout until you finish the competition, but by then your competitive juices are flowing and it’s on!

    I love it. My thighs and butt are sore from doing the step competition a bunch because I was kicking butt! The hula hoops is really fun too. I like the yoga for the stretching and training as well. All around I’m very impressed with the Wii Fit. Once I’ve had time to get fully acquainted, I’m going to post a review here, a thorough review so you all can see why I’m so pleased with it.

    Thanks for the good luck – we’ll need it! šŸ˜€

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