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June 4, 2008, next Wednesday is the last day of the contest, I will accept entries until 5 p.m. Central Standard Time on that day. When I arrive home that evening I will conduct the drawing with the help of my hott assistant Jason by video and will post it on YouTube with of course the video embedded here.

Did you know it was so close? Next Wednesday people! If you don’t have an iPod or even if you do, this one is WAAAAAAAY cooler! All iPod’s are not the same. This one is a special edition iPod, it’s Maroon Red and is engraved on the backside clip.


You’ll get to tell people that you got an 1 GB iPod for free from – or you could just say you won it on the internet. That always makes people ask questions. Always.

You can enter on this post (because it’s about the contest) or on the original post located here. Last time I did a contest, I did it on my original website Sabrina’s Money Matters and in the last week I opened the contest entries to requiring only a comment to enter.

So now, I’m changing the rules up a little, so to the people who posted a write up about the contest on their own blogs (Jess, Susan, Eva, Annick & Bunny) you now have two entries into the contest for that write up and still one for the comment about it (a total of three entries for each of you).

For the next week anyone that writes about this contest on their own blog will get two entries to the contest and those who comment on this blog will get one entry.

Let me make that a little more plain. As of right now until 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) June 4, 2008 – a comment on this post or the original post for the contest will count as an entry to the contest.

So all you have to do literally is fill out the comment form below, say hi to me and you’re in!

I can’t make it any easier. If you have any questions email me at and I’ll help you out ASAP! I should see lots of comments here now!

Good luck to all!


27 thoughts on “Win an iPod by Commenting!

  1. In my opinion, the red on an iPod (whether it’s the iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano) is the most gorgeous and sexy color of all the colors! 😆

  2. I’m a lurker, figured this would be the perfect opportunity to come out of the woodwork! Plus my favorite color is red, and I think it’s safe to say that I am a mouthy girl!

    Jennifers last blog post..These Lost Words

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