Birth Control: Who’s Responsible? Her or Him?

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So we know birth control isn’t used as often as it should be, no question of that. Be that as it may, let’s talk about who’s responsibility it is in the first place.

I personally believe the responsibility lies with both people, if you’re old enough to have sex or you think you are, you should also be old enough to realize that the product of sex can be children. Ideally, both would be held responsible for the birth of a child after having sex wherein birth control fails, or worse, isn’t used at all.

But the question begs to be answered, who’s responsible ultimately for birth control?

Some would argue that the responsibility lies on the female because she bears the child and it is her body that will be changing if birth control fails or isn’t used.

Some would also argue that the responsibility lies on the male in the act because birth control is easier, cheaper and more convenient for him.

Where do you fall in this argument? Regardless of age, relationship or any other outlying factor.

This morning I was listening to a radio show, and a girl called and stated that her boyfriend had slipped her a morning after birth control pill (I wondered how in the hell that got by her) and she had found out while doing laundry by finding the package the pill came in, in his pants pocket.

She explained that she had been on a brand of pill and it was making her gain weight (which they all do) and so she went to the doctor and he made her wait 30 days before she could get another brand of birth control. She told her boyfriend that she was off birth control so if they had sex without her on the pill she could become pregnant. I believe it was left at that.

Let’s fast forward to her finding the package for the morning after pill in his pants. She confronted him and he noncommittally confessed. But that wasn’t enough for the DJ on the radio. So they call our guy and ask him why and was it for his girlfriend or some other girl she didn’t know about. He said yes, he did, he slipped it into her breakfast (WOW!) because he didn’t want any kids.

I’ll leave the rest out and pose the question to you, was he right/wrong? Was she right/wrong?

What do you think?


Mouth Off to Telemarketers

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These calls are so much fun for me, and only because I used to be a telemarketer and I hated the job, the boss, the computer, the script, the earpiece, the breaks, everything about it I hated. So I take some delight in giving them a hard time at work.

I don’t have a home phone but if I did, it would go the same way…

Telemarketer: Could I speak with James please?
Me: May I ask who’s calling?
Telemarketer: Jane on a personal business matter.
Me: Would you pick up a call if that’s all I told you about the caller?
Telemarketer: Excuse me?
Me: Which James, there are two here.
Telemarketer: The owner of the business.
Me: Is this regarding business he currently does with your company?
Telemarketer: No.
Me: Is this a sales call?
Telemarketer: We’d like to see if he would be intereste-
Click. Dial tone.

Wasn’t that fun? I enjoy it so much. Sometimes they’ll call right back all ticked off I hung up on them and one time I was asked by a male telemarketer why I hung up on him. I told him no one was interested in what he was selling and my boss would fire me if I sent him that call. That shut him up.

Another time I had a sales call on my cell phone, which really pisses me off. This one I had a lot of fun with..

Me: Hello?
Telemarketer: Is this Miss Massey.
Me: May I ask who’s calling?
Telemarketer: This is John from whatever company it was.
Me: What can I help you with?
Telemarketer: Are you Miss Massey.
Me: Yes I am can you make this quick, what’s up?
Telemarketer: Yes, Miss Massey we’re calling today to see if you would be interested in using xyz to provide your merchants with credit machines for their merchant accounts.
Me: English and quick please? Are you trying to sell me something?
Telemarketer: We’re calling to see if you’d be interested in making some money for doing nothing but signing up new merchants?
Me: Not right now because I’m not on my time, I’m on someone else’s.
Telemarketer: Um, well Miss Massey you got me there, we’ll call back. (Never heard from them again.)
Click. Dial Tone.

I really enjoyed that one. It’s not often I come quick with something their script isn’t ready for, lol. How do you deal with sales calls at work and at home?



Determination and Your Work Ethic

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I agreed to do something I had no idea how to do, having never done it before. But I know me and I knew that I would make it happen, how hard could it be? I agreed to redo a brochure for the investigative agency that I work for, can’t show you yet because we’ve not finalized it, right now it’s a draft.

Monday we’ll be posing for a picture for the front of the brochure, mind you the faces will be blurred for security reasons I have to say, I’m quite proud of my product so far. I won’t typically agree to a job I can’t do, as I can complete most tasks I agree to take on, there are rare occasions something prevents me from doing what I promised and it’s usually not because of me.

Recently I agreed to get several toughbooks up and running for my boss as well, old police units. But what he was wanting done was impossible to do for free. They all have to be upgraded in some way to accommodate what he wants. Free is the keyword and because of that, I wasn’t able to perform that task, but the reason was external to my ability. I can still do it if he allows a small upgrade to the system.

Regardless, my point is that yesterday I wrote about people that make promises, or talk themselves up and then don’t come through on their word. They talk a good game but when it comes to bat they strike out. I don’t, won’t and can’t work like that. I’ll tell someone if there’s something I can’t do, I’m not too proud to admit there are things I don’t know. And some I just don’t want to know.

But overall when I agree to do something, it’s my word on the line and I take that very seriously. How seriously do you take your work? Do you value your work enough to be sure it’s the best work you could put out? Or do you take the shortcuts and corners that get you done faster, but doesn’t necessarily show how talented you are?

I believe in always putting my best effort into something I’m doing otherwise it’s not worth doing. I never know if something I did, worked on or wrote is going to be scrutinized, and if that happens I don’t want to come out looking like a chump because I didn’t put the work in for a quality product.

How important is a work ethic? What do you think of yours?

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Piss Me Off

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You know who I can’t tolerate? The people who talk themselves up and make it sound like they can do everything and you can’t do anything. A perfect example for my Hell’s Kitchen fans is Chef Bobby, all talk and no action. Or as I call it, full of shit.

I’m one of those kind of people that won’t ask someone else to do something I won’t do myself, unless I simply can’t do it myself. Like working on my car, I can’t do that but hubby can so I have to ask him to do it.

When I hear someone talking about all the shit they can do and all that they can accomplish or have accomplished, I expect the same kind of results out of them that they brag of and when I don’t see it, my trust in that person is gone.

I don’t understand why anyone would make themselves seem more capable than they are, it’s disappointing and you make yourself look foolish to other people, tarnishing your reputation. Through my job and life experience I’ve become more aware of the people around me and why they’re there. I watch people and I’m suspicious of almost everything.

When I begin to trust someone and have expectations of them based on their professed abilities, and they don’t come through on their word, I can’t help but distance myself and find ways to avoid that person. I prefer to spend my time with people of their word, not pompous, self involved jerks.

What types of people piss you off or irritate you?

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