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Hey Everyone! I haven’t dropped off the planet! This weekend started out great but became horrendous very quickly. I’m exhausted and I have bruises everywhere and I really would rather be resting and now I have to clock in.

Friday was a hard day for me at work, I was late getting home because of some things my boss had me do. When I did get home, we wrapped up all that we could and left out only what was necessary, planning to pick up the Uhaul at 9am Saturday….

Stay tuned…gotta get to work! I’ll be back on lunch to finish telling you all about it.

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  1. Fortunately we’re all done now, to keep it short the hubby got the puking 24 bug we both had this week, son and I, in the middle of the move while loading the truck! we hired “Mighty Movers” to unload for us to our 3rd floor apt. =-) Good things ahead now though!

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