I Think I’m Getting Old

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It’s 9:00 and I just finished eating dinner, hubby got the internet up and going finally about fifteen minutes ago, and I have a confession to make. I’m exhausted! I’ve been covering phones at work and doing my job and the job of someone else, and will be working overtime this weekend to try to catch up our investigative reports as they’re very behind. Saturday I have a date to go spend some much needed sister time with none other than my sisters, lol. Sunday I’ll be working.

Tomorrow is Friday though, GirlFriday to be specific and I’ll post something fun in the morning, I’m writing it now in my little Five Star Notebook that’s purse sized, lol. I’ve browsed several of the entrants blogs, and I gotta tell ya – I’ve got some great fans if I might go so far as to call you guys that, lol.

So tomorrow night I’ll post the winner. I can’t do it at work naturally, but once I’ve pulled my eight hours, I’ll be home and can get it all going. I’ll be writing out all the names tonight so all I have left tomorrow is the drawing itself and posting the video here.

I’ll want the winner to contact me for their prize to give me their address and I’d love it if we didn’t mention the winner’s name. I’d like for everyone to watch the video to find out who the winner is.

Unlike on Sabrina’s Money Matters I now have a nifty video cam that records sound as well, and the color is great so it won’t be a webcam black and white video.


So tomorrow friends and fans, I will announce the winner of the contest. Good luck to you all!

All that\'s left to do is draw the winner!


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