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I cannot imagine a life where I live to log in. I haven’t had the internet at home for several days now since we’ve moved and no satellite but I’m not all that attached to TV, I’m a little ticked I missed Hell’s Kitchen, but still – not real upset over it at all. It is the “boob tube”. While I may have some, I am not a boob.

Regardless, I know people that live to log in, that can’t stay away from MySpace – it’s nearly impossible. They fight on myspace, meet people on MySpace, socialize on MySpace, I do too periodically (the socializing part) but those are with people I met OFF of myspace before it ever existed, or they’re famous and I’m a fan. Makes sense to me to use MySpace for that forum.

But to live there? To let it jeopardize your job even? Employers having to block MySpace says a lot for the creators of the most incredible social website ever…but for the people who live on it? Ahem.

Are we not old enough to know better? Are we not mature enough to see that it is just a website, not an end all to a social life? It’s disturbing to me to know that people’s lives have been “destroyed” because of MySpace. Really? Come on, really?

This is a post that’s been waiting to be written, you see I know several people who live their lives on MySpace, to each their own I say, but when it begins to affect me – I have a problem.

I think it’s pathetic quite frankly. I could delete my stupid little MySpace account today and never think of it again. Really. Suggest that to some of those that live on MySpace and watch their face turn white, you can almost see their heart start beating faster and a panic attack begin.

Come on people…..GET A REAL LIFE! Do your fucking job and spend your time on MySpace at home, but stop letting other people do your work for you because you live on MySpace!




4 thoughts on “MySpace So Called Life

  1. My work day is a socail site:) woot woot me!
    I get paid to socialize:) I also bust my ass to though… but i really enjoy working for My “on line community”and befor i go tthe job… I was just a user turned addict turned employee

  2. I admit that I belong to MySpace and Facebook and the ONLY reason I joined them is because my cousins from California asked me to join and that is how we stay in touch with each other. And I have also met some other people on there that I am friends with, but only because of that site, since they live in other states.
    I cannot imagine spending my work day on those sites, I would only use them at home.

  3. I don’t even have a social networking site that I belong too. The reason is that, yes, I would get totally addicted to it and changing my page like, every hour or so, but do I need one? No, and I’m happy. All my friends are like, “Get Facebook!” I see some people even do it at work, and thank goodness some places have banned Facebook or MySpace, haha. I think as long as people go on it once in a while, that’s fine. However, if his/her life depends on logging into MySpace to see who left a comment, then that’s another story. This is one of the negatives of having the internet, people get so hypnotized and into the world of MySpace and Facebook that it means everything to them.

  4. We just had a lady here in WI, Oshkosh, who was gettin’ it on with a 13 year old- She also was not shy at showin’ that on Myspace, page was takin’ on. Thank God (pun intended) God and Jesus are on Myspace to help these poor souls:)

    Susans last blog post..A Challenge

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