Creepy Old Man Bands & Boy Bands Where Do We Draw the Line?

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Okay, so we all know that the Rolling Stones are still touring..anyone see Mick Jagger lately?

We know he was somewhat good looking back in the day, and now we see what age and time and touring has done, let’s not talk about Keith Richards. I have dubbed the Rolling Stones as “Creepy Old Man Band” because they really do creep me out.

Yeah, I wasn’t in the generation that was in love with the Rolling Stones, I was however, in the generation that loved the New Kids on the Block. Oh yeah baby, I’m going there again, and this time this dorky nerd a.k.a. MouthyGirl has pictures to show you…

Here are the New Kids on the Block, when they were new and all the rage:

Ooh, they were so sexy! LMAO! I laugh at myself over this now… but here’s another picture, one that I even had taken out of “17” Magazine and had it up on my wall….

With my adult mind and my teen hormones in check, look at ’em now, can you see the difference? Not so crushingly cute anymore, handsome yes, but hott, no not really. And prancing around in their new video with girls and talking about Summertime, I gotta tell ya, I like the sound, but the song doesn’t resonate with me because I don’t get to spend my time on the beach, I’m in an office everyday working to pay my bills. I hope in the songs they release in the future, they appeal more to the fans of when they were new, we’re all working now and dealing with different things, summers don’t mean quite the same thing when you’re an adult.

Okay, you see the difference, right? Donny is going bald it looks like and the other guys look like they’ve aged as well of course, but I wonder, will they be touring until the end of time? Or just until their resurgence in popularity fades? Did you know that they quit because one of the band mates had paralyzing stage fright? Yes, I’m a nerd because I know that. I accept that title and embrace it with open arms.

But seriously, if they are touring 30 years from now, should the head of the fan club say, “Look guys, I love your music more than anyone else, after all I run the fan club. But seriously, you guys are geriatric now and don’t you think it’d be nice to stop touring and relax and enjoy the rest of your lives? Cut an album every few years but stop touring, you’re grossing out the fans.”

I could be that fan. I could say that to them, I would have no problem with that. I think that when you become eligible to receive retirement benefits, you should retire. Ready or not, when you’re in the public eye, you get uglier as you age, spare the public.

Where do we draw the line and say hey Mick Jagger, your jowls need work or you need to retire, but something has GOT to give! When do we tell Joey and Jordan and all of the New Old Kids that their time has come? Surely for the New Kids we’ll have to wait until leg warmers are out of style again.

Should they now be OKOTB as Rachel says, or can they still be called new? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Creepy Old Man Bands & Boy Bands Where Do We Draw the Line?

  1. i think its creepy. i just dont like the idea of teenagers screaming abot 30 somethings… I dont know too many teens who get into the stones mucic so they have a whole different fan base .

  2. Ugh, it’s hard to draw the line with this topic because everything in the entertainment business is quite crazy and weird. 😆 I don’t have a problem with the Rolling Stones or NKOTB…probably because I try to pay no attention to them, haha, but I still think “older” people can still perform, tour and still make it classy and nice for everyone to enjoy. As for the comebacks, hey, I love a great comeback.

  3. But if the Stones stop touring, I’ll *never* get to see them! I love the Rolling Stones. And hey, it’s worth the price of admission just to see a zombie take human form in Keith Richards.

    As for NKOTB, I’m both excited and embarrassed about their comeback. I was also thrown off by the teeny-bopperishness of their single. Thanks for touching on this absolutely vital topic! Sigh…

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