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When I was younger, a teenager, I thought that I would never like to smile, that I would never want to share a laugh with anyone. I was pretty sure my existence was terminal. I didn’t have goals, dreams or ideals of what I wanted to do in life, I thought just being would be enough. Never wanted kids, never wanted commitment, never desired a “normal” life with the significant other and the little ones.

I can’t help but look back at the old me and laugh at her. At her foolishness and not seeing her gifts, and her love. She didn’t know she was hiding so much love, hell back then she wasn’t even mouthy. Nope, she was quiet “little Sabrina” that did whatever she could to stay out of the way and keep everyone off my back. Didn’t do very good in school, but I didn’t flunk out so I considered that winning.

When I was 17 I met my son’s father, thanks to my sister. (read: sarcasm) My son is a gift I could never thank the maker enough for, but I shoulda hit splitsville way sooner than I did with that fool. Regardless, all that led me to where I am today, I had to have those experiences to be the MouthyGirl I am now, to share my opinions and views with all you MouthyPeople!

Aren’t you glad? Anyways, to get to the point…

I spent most of Saturday with my sisters and their children and husbands. Our little family is getting SO big! My little sister has two, a girl and a boy and my older sister has one, a boy, and of course I have one 10 year old MouthyBoy. šŸ˜†

My cousin was there with her friend and we all had a really great time. From living together to rarely seeing each other, it’s remarkable that we still get along, lol. All of our lives have gone in ways I don’t think any of us expected, except my older sister. She’s still in the field she always wanted to be in, doing what she always wanted to do.

My little sister just had my nephew Levi so she’s not back to work yet. I have another sister, from my Dad’s side, she’ll be having a son in October, then she’ll have a girl and a boy as well.

My family is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m beginning to realize I have the big love inside of me because every time I see one these beautiful people that are my family, I get all emotional.

I’m such a dork I know, but it’s great to have a growing family, seeing kids grow up and all that good stuff. šŸ˜†

How has your family changed over the years? Do you find yourself being emotional about the little ones growing up and reminiscing about when they were small?


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  1. I marriend in to a huge family I wish it woudl grow faster so my children have ppl to play with at holiday functons. but that dosnt seem to be happening fast enough for us. they are the first set of great grandkids…. and there are 15 adult or near adult grandkids but none are procreating so my kids are the only lil ones around:(

  2. Wow, you have a huge family and that is truly fantastic. šŸ™‚ My family hasn’t changed too much over the years, which I really like. I definitely want a big family in the future and I know that my parents get emotional knowing that we are growing up so fast! There is so much love with my family and I never want that to ever change.

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