My Son is Growing Up

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I catch a funny joke he makes, I watch tv with him to see what he watches, listened to his favorite stations to hear what he hears. He’s a pretty well rounded kid, I’ve not shielded him from much as I think you do a disservice when you shelter your little people.

A guy named Kinky Friedman ran for Governor of Texas in 2006 and one of his standpoints on politics was to, “treat adults like children and children like adults”. Makes perfect sense to me.

I’ve always tried to take child rearing seriously, and to deal with questions and discipline with common sense, care, and most of all to encourage him to have big dreams but to be also grounded in reality. I try to build his confidence, make him understand when I’m proud of him (which is a lot) and tell him he should be proud of himself. I want him to have pride in himself because without that, you really have it rough in the world.

I’ve always tried to respect him as a person, and though he’s moody, like I was, he is respectful and courteous and all the other kids parents love him too. Coming from where I come from, I’ve tried to stay conscious of everything I do with him, tell him, etc. Our latest campaign is college. šŸ™‚

I’ve wandered, I apologize. Anyways, he’s cracking jokes, he’s rockin’ a cell phone, with a pimp tone we made on Phonezoo from Mom’s awesome music collection. šŸ˜ˆ \

He has a girlfriend, named Maddie. He’s a cute little guy really. He’s got full lips like me and cute cheeks, blue eyes and blond hair and a great smile. He’s sweet and tries to be a good friend. Look out ladies…

He’s become a much more considerate child, and I can see a little maturity here and there, like he realizes he has a place in this family and that isn’t always only for the fun stuff. In less than a month he’ll turn 11, I’m not even 30 yet, so this makes me realize how young I am and how far we’ve come in such a short time.

This week we’ve been unpacking pictures and decorating and one of my favorite photos of him has always been a photo of him when he was about 3 and had a toy camera. He was wearing a gray shirt, tucked into his cute little jeans with a belt on and he had a fresh haircut, such a cutie and I was crouched to take a picture of him and he mimicked my pose with the camera with his own and that’s when I captured my favorite shot. Of him behind the camera (like I always am) but not so far behind the camera that you couldn’t see his smile.

I love that photo. It reminds me of simpler times when I could tackle him with hugs and kisses and he would just giggle and giggle and giggle and finally scream in his little cutie voice, “Mommy I can’t breathe!” giggling between words. Precious memories. Now we’re back to a fun phase where he’s fun and silly and has quite the sense of humor, and even well timed sarcasm. It’s great. I understand the sentimental things now, and the stupid hallmark commercials make me get all teary eyed.

Sometimes I’m such a sap. šŸ˜€ I have a video to share with you, holds a motto I’ve always tried to keep in mind so that I could enjoy all these growing up years…



3 thoughts on “My Son is Growing Up

  1. I think that is wonderful and I believe that we all hold our family close to our heart. I believe that everyone will have great and precious memories of their family and just take lots of pictures and capture the special moments! šŸ˜‰

  2. i feel ya sabrina… mine is growing too. but you know i wouldnt have it any other way… they’ll be off to collage before we know it…man wonde rwhat thats gonna be like:(

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