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I’ve been off the map a bit recently due to a move and disorganization and a transient workstation. As I write Grand Theft Auto is in the background with hubby making taunting remarks intermittently. Little distracting, but I’ll get through it, for you. 😈

So I’m reading some posts by my favorite bloggers, I feel I’ve missed so much I’ll never catch up, I so wanted to follow the John Cow vs Garry Conn competition but this move has really thrown me off my game.

I have so far read a few posts by my favorite fellow female bloggers (heh say that three times fast).
Fall in Love with Life is a great reminder of how simple it can be to make a wonderful memory. I love to read OnSimplicity when I’ve had a rough day, Sara easily reminds me of how much I have, is ever positive, and genuinely funny, and she reads MouthyGirl, what more could I ask for in a favorite blogger?

I’ve been reading CardioGirl for a bit, after hearing about her from J.D. over at I Do Things and really enjoy her observations. Most of her posts I can identify with very easily and this has to one of my favorites about cooking. We are alike in our culinary ability, or lack thereof. πŸ˜†

J.D. at I Do Things is your next rss subscription, she’s hilariously normal and hysterically descriptive in her posts, check out this one about physical therapy. Too damn funny!

FabGirl keeps me entertained all too much, on and off Twitter, lol. You’ll find she’s the funniest, most FabGirl you could read, besides MouthyGirl of course!

Okay, and last but certainly NOT least, LilMomThatCould wrote a wonderful post about Man Pride that I found hysterical.

Love you all, cya tomorrow!



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  1. Great links! Thanks for sharing them with us! The only link that is familiar with myself is Cardiogirl, I absolutely love that blog and I’ve been a reader since 2007. Sabrina, have you thought of sharing with us your favorite male bloggers? πŸ˜€

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