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So here’s what’s been going on with MouthyGirl.com and yours truly. You all know I’ve moved me recently, we’ve been here two weeks and we’re re-establishing routines. It’s a shorter ride to work each day so I find myself leaving at the last possible minute. Thus making it impossible for me to post if I get to work early, because I’m not getting there early anymore.

So I’m trying to get in an evening routine of posting, so I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, I know I’m usually crankin’ em out. πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll forgive me.

The iPod is on it’s merry way to Italy….yes Italy. I think that’s awesome, it’s a deep red, which is a color on the Italian flag, and she’s super sweet and I’d wager mouthy too. 😈

I’m been trying to be more active in the forums over at MommyTalk.com great group of gals over there. There are so many topics to comment on there that I tend to get lost in it for a while. I like to have my say you know. πŸ˜‰

And I’m always trying to vent on MySpace, there are some things I don’t talk about here. But a lot that I do. Here’s a fun fact: In the early days of my MySpace account, I was also active on MyLot.com which is a site where you get paid for hosting good topics, and for referring other people. I’d advertise a lot on MySpace in the forums, so much so that when I tried to create a different MySpace account for MouthyGirl.com I realised they won’t let me, then I realized I’m banned from the forums.

I think it’s funny because MySpace is not nearly the big deal that they think they are, but just the same…kinda sucks too because I can’t talk about MouthyGirl.com in the forums on MySpace, where I know there are tons of MouthyGirls.

Anyways I have lots and lots of ideas, so here’s a survey that I’m also going to try to put in the sidebar for the world to answer and help me find direction to what you’d like best…


Developing product ideas….wanna help?

Would you buy MouthyGirl.com products?

I would buy MouthyGirl makeup.
I would buy MouthyGirl clothes.
I would buy MouthyGirl lingerie.
I would buy a t shirt maybe, but I don’t think I’d go much further than that.
I might try it if I got to sample it.
How can I get a sample?
Will we have input on the products?
I would buy MouthyGirl magazine.
I wouldn’t buy anything from MouthyGirl.com I’m accustomed to the brands I use.
Anything that says MouthyGirl I’m breaking out the cash for!

View Results

So that’s what’s up, tell me what you like and thanks!


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  1. Whoa, how did I miss this post? I didn’t know the iPod was going all the way to Italy…wow!! I had a myLOT account too but I got way too lazy and it was just too time-consuming. How are the product ideas coming along? I think stuff that readers can use is a good idea, such as mugs or t-shirts. Of course, if you want to develop MouthyGirl.com chocolates, I think we would be behind you 100%. πŸ˜›

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