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I wear makeup to cover scars. A childhood incident that left me marked for life. No big deal. But my makeup takes me all of five minutes to put on because I don’t have the patience for any more than that. I dress nice for work, hubby tells me what looks good on so I’ll develop a sense of what looks right. I have no style you see, bad taste, and no real sense of color arrangement.

What can I say? I have a way with words. But really, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I have a man, a really good one and I’m really good to him so I keep that working if you know what I mean. Don’t really care if anyone else likes me all that much, I do a good job at work and always give my best regardless of how disgruntled I may become. So regardless of whether someone likes me or not, I’m not fazed. I’ll be polite, nice and respectful, but I don’t have to like you and I probably don’t.

I’ve realized I’m kind of a snob. Not about appearance or means, but thought processes and common sense and things that keep you on the right track in this world, I have no tolerance for excuses and bullshit, though we all have our weak moments. I think it’s great when someone does like me or they appreciate what I do, that’s always a wonderful ego boost, but because I have pride in my work ethic and the job I do, I don’t worry if certain people like me. If I’m trying to make a friend, sure I care…but at work or in public when I’m just out taking care of my business…I’d prefer if people didn’t make small talk with me about the weather. Know why? The first thing out of my mouth, or as close to the first thing as possible, I’m talking about MouthyGirl.

Oh yeah. I’m really excited about one project and eagerly anticipating contact from someone that I can do a favor for and help out a little in the hopes that the MouthyGirl brand will get out there, just a little more. I’m hoping to appeal to an entirely knew group of people that I haven’t found a way to appeal to just yet.

So I like to be left alone, blogging is the most social thing I can possible do, without having to smile or make nice in public and make smalltalk. I’m just not trying to impress anyone, the only one I’m worried about is impressed plenty by me. šŸ˜‰

So who do you do everything you do for, is it you? Do you get dressed up trying to get a man, or trying to like you in the mirror? What have you done for you lately?


4 thoughts on “Not Impressed

  1. woo hoo for the simple things in life. I am a non make up wearer, however if going out I will apply some stuff… but not much… I feel more comfy with out it. jess says i dotn need it either. when i do put that lil bit on its usally for me.. no one eles just so i can say i tried:)

  2. Well, I don’t wear make-up at all because in my opinion, I don’t really need it. Can I wear make-up? Of course…but these days I’m super lazy, haha. I like myself without make-up and even if I did put on make-up, not many people would know. I do the same thing with my hair too, I’m always putting it in a ponytail because do I really want it all curly and wavy and straight? Not really, I’m a simple person. šŸ˜Ž

  3. LOL! Glad you popped in, I know lots of people that don’t wear makeup…it’s great if you can pull it off, I’m not so lucky. šŸ˜€

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