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You ever have one of those days where stress just doesn’t touch you? I wish I had more like this. Don’t know why this day was a breeze as so many of them aren’t but today, well nothing got to me today….nada.

Oh boy is this a rare one. There are lots of things I could have gotten all twisted up about, but didn’t. I actually had a good day. So bizarre. So on with the point of today’s post…

I was listening to Warrant today. “Thin Disguise” and it got me thinking about the facade’s that we put up so that people don’t see us. I mean people see you, but they don’t see you as you would be around people you enjoy being around. So I thought while he sings, “…one of these days when I have the time I’ll show you what I’m like…on the insi-ide” I thought maybe I should share a few things about myself you guys don’t know.

I’m surprisingly domestic. I like to please the man of the house, my man. I like to let him make the decisions, if he’s so inclined, it’s less work for me really. And to a certain extent, I like being told what to do. I let him run the remote and he doesn’t normally get any complaints out of me. I get lost in my mind thinking about things, that’s enough to do without committing to some stupid TV show. I’ll complain if it’s the fifth time we’ve seen an episode of family guy in three weeks, I’ll usually say something like, “You know reruns are cool and all, but not so much when they only rerun five episodes”…he gets the hint and he’ll flip it. It’s rare that I’m actually watching it so I really don’t know how many times it’s been on. I try to make sure my man is happy with me, our relationship and all that. He calls me the CFO of the house, I think that’s cute.

I’m very nice, I have a calming demeanor for other people, I find people tend to tell me all kinds of things because I listen very well. I empathize very easily and really genuinely want people to have a good life, everyone. Even my enemies. But for those people, just please leave me out of it, lol.

I give and love to do it, I donate as often as I can to St. Jude, those poor babies shouldn’t suffer at all, ever. No child deserves to get any kind of illness that’s life threatening, it’s just not fair, so I’ll help any way that I can. I donate to Veterans too, but I do not subscribe to magazines when someone knocks on my door, and I can’t stand solicitors. If I want something, I’ll find it.

I turn to mush when I’m being yelled at. I do not know how to handle that kind of situation. I’ve been thinking lately I should find some book on tape about how to handle confrontation. I know what I want to say, but I feel like if I open my mouth I’ll cry like a fucking baby, and that frustrates me so I just take being yelled at with nothing to say, no rebuttals. That’s perhaps the thing that irritates me most about myself.

I have always felt like a failure even when I’m successful at something. It’s as if I just don’t believe I’ve done anything worthy of recognition, though when pointed out I take the credit no problem, I think my confidence still needs work.

MouthyGirl is a person that I’m creating to give me strength, to help me become something I never would’ve dreamed I could be, a successful leader that takes nothing from anyone.

But before I wrap this up, remember I said I’m surprisingly domestic? At the same time I realize there are things a man needs, that I try to provide. I think I’ve said before that I like to make sure he wants for nothing…so he went out tonight with a friend as thanks for helping us with our move. He comes home and tells me that they talked a bit about their women, how cute huh? Let’s just say, I’m getting props because I go above and beyond. šŸ˜ˆ


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