GirlFriday “Highlight” on the Weekend

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*****150th Post!!!*****

Today I’m going to share with you my weekend plans, I thought you might like to know. 😈

Tonight, there will be beer.

But I have no intention of passing out and letting anyone play games like this girl.

Tomorrow after hubby spends half his day at work, there will be some grocery shopping.

..and more drinking…

hee hee.

Tomorrow night, we’ll be having a special dinner, we try to have something out of the norm once a month or so..I’m thinking steak & shrimp sounds good to me…

..and cocktails of course.

I like to eat like the pimps do. 😈

Sunday my sister turns 25. A quarter of a century old. Don’t know what we’ll be doing for her birthday yet…but I’ll let ya know, lol.

I’ll leave you on this lovely GirlFriday with a picture…but not just any picture, no, this one involves you.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Happy Friday!



6 thoughts on “GirlFriday “Highlight” on the Weekend

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  2. Wow, way to go with being the 150th post! I can’t wait to see MouthyGirl reach 500! πŸ˜‰ What exactly is wrong with that picture? EVERYTHING! Haha, there’s so much to look at, it is such a fun little illustration. Where is the chef coming from? A helicopter? I wonder how long it took the artist to actually draw that…hmmmm….but what is wrong with that picture? Is there a real answer that’s of course, more correct than mine, haha.

  3. oh my god i can t believe i didnt post this back whe nit was posted…. I used that idea of the girl with the cups and stacked cups on one of DH’s bussies who passed out at our kitchen table…too freakin funny

  4. No one cares what you’ll be doing, so why
    talk about it? What happened to the videos?
    Post those, no one cares what you’re doing,

    I like the second picture, I bet she’s easy.
    Steak & Shrimp now that looks good but I
    hope you’re not cooking it!

    Post a video of Rihanna or something, she’s

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