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I’ve been waiting for this all week. BUSTED TEES IS HAVING A SALE!

Shop BustedTees.com Today!

I hate shopping, but I love to shop for funny t shirts. I had a shirt that said “Bomb Squad” that I wore a lot as a joke about my boobs, but a lot of people thought I was a cop. I guess I kind of carry myself a little like that, like I belong wherever I am. Regardless, it made for some funny times really.

Anyways, I love funny shirts, Target, WalMart and all those retailers have started to pick up on that, but I have a special treat today. Busted Tees offers shirts you can’t really find on the shelf anywhere, very funny stuff.

Shop BustedTees.com Today!

Shop BustedTees.com Today!

Shop BustedTees.com Today!

Here’s my favorite one:

Shop BustedTees.com Today!

So get your bones over there now and buy them up while you can, I’m off to get a few for me and Jason!

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5 thoughts on “$13 Awesome T Shirts

  1. My closet is full of t-shirts, most of them from Threadless. I think BustedTees is a great site too, there are so, so, so many t-shirt sites all over the internet. SEIBEI, Imaginary Foundation, etc. I love it when they have a sale, haha, but I haven’t bought any t-shirts since early this year…I have to find the time to wear the ones in my closet first. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love how simple a t-shirt can be now…it doesn’t have to be plain too, it can be hilarious and gorgeous!

  2. k I have to say the coolest tee i have seen out there has been the one that ssays I makle milk whats your super power….lol I lov ethat shirt and if i was still nursing I would be wearing it. I also love the busted tees too… my fav over there is I’d hit that…with the pinata…too frikin funny

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