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There are some changes due at my job and new employees will be coming on board soon, in light of this I decided to write today about accepting a job offered to you.

Can you keep up with everyone else at work? Manage to get your job duties done every day and find solutions to problems when they arise? Are you a proactive person or a reactive person?

Proactive means that you might spot a situation about to occur and you step in to correct it and make everything come out as it should. It means you have a grasp of your job/position/company well enough to know when something is about to happen, and you subsequently take the necessary steps to prevent and fix the issue.

Reactive means that you don’t see anything coming because you don’t know all the facets of your position/job/company and don’t expect when a problem comes your way, and most times you have to scramble to correct it as fast as you can, sometimes making mistakes along the way because you were in a hurry.

Being proactive takes a lot of work and discipline, it takes diligence in watching over your job and all that occurs with it, including the people you interact with that have an affect on your performance. Tolerating shoddy work is for the birds, I gotta tell you if I were an employer, I’m not sure I’d be liked very much.

Don’t take a job if you can’t do everything in that job description. Don’t expect to be able to learn your way into something completely new to you. It’s not fair to the boss, you or the other employees to have the burden of training someone 100% for their new job. That accounts I think for nervousness, when you walk into a new job knowing that you can do that job, it takes the pressure off because you know you are capable.

Gotta run because 8:00 is two minutes away and I have lots of work to do. Have a great Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Can You Do It?

  1. “Don’t take a job if you can’t do everything in that job description.” MOST important thing EVERRRRRR. Haha, I think people just expect that training will help you out, but I would have to disagree. The training only lasts a few days or so and then what? I think I’m a little proactive when I have to be and not that reactive. I think keeping up with other people is something that every job looks at too…don’t be TOO slow but when you do have to, then do it correctly and just try to get back to normal. I think being too fast has some advantages, but if one paces him/herself each day, then the day passes more quickly because one is more occupied with the work.

  2. I can totally do the work I am more of a proactive worker. a lil reactive. BTW get totally pissed off when I have to take time form my work to deal with others work:(

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