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My best friend and I were on our way somewhere once, my son was about two or three and in his car seat in the middle of the backseat. I drove an ’89 Camry back then and the middle in the back was raised and the sides were sort of bucket seats. I turned a corner kind of sharp and hear my son in the back exclaim, “Whoa!” with such surprise and sheer delight that I had to turn and look, he was giggling and the car seat had gone the opposite direction than that of my turn. He turned his little head and his little nose touched the seat beside him.

Of course I pulled over and righted him, laughing the entire time. We were in tears, grabbing sides, almost peeing in our pants hysterical. I was reminded of that “Whoa!” when I did this brain test that I heard about from AnnieBinns.com. But before you go over to MindMedia.com, ha ha, let me say, they claim to help you discover “things about yourself not revealed by other psychology tests.” You’ll have to scroll to the end for the link to the test. 😈

My brain usage profile is:

Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 56%
Visual : 43%
Left : 36%
Right : 63%

Sabrina, you show a slight right-hemisphere dominance with a moderate preference for auditory processing, an unusual and somewhat paradoxical combination of characteristics.

I found this amusing because I have said before that I feel I am a walking paradox. Ironic that they pointed that out. And, we all know that I’m unusual, that’s not news.

You are drawn to a random and sometimes nonchalant synthesis of material. You learn as it seems important to a specific situation, and might even develop a resentment of others who attempt to direct your learning down a specific channel.

I was always irritated by tests that purported to tell you what you would be good at, why be limited? It was also funny to me because I spent years in retail, then at about 21 I decided to get into medical, and worked my way up to medical assistant. Then I went to work for an Investigative Agency in August and got a raise in the first month, have consistently impressed my bosses and got a promotion six months into the job. So it makes sense that it would tell me that I learn as I need it.

Your right-hemispheric dominance provides a structure that is only loosely organized and one which processes entire swatches of reality, overlooking details. You are emotional in your reactions and perceptual more than logical in your approach, although you can impose structure and a language base when necessary.

Wow, I don’t even know what to say to that. Are they saying I’m scatterbrained and only organized when necessary? I would definitely agree that I am emotional in my reactions, however irritating.

Your auditory preference, on the other hand, implies that you process information sequentially and unidimensionally. This combination of right-brain and auditory modes creates conflict, as you want to process data more rapidly than your natural processes allow.

No shit? I have often found myself stuttering trying to get something out of my brain and out of my mouth at the same time, and it just makes me look stupid.

Your tendency to be creative and free-flowing is accompanied by sufficient ability to organize and be logical, allowing you a reasonable degree of success in a number of different endeavors. You take in information methodically and systematically which can then be synthesized rapidly. In this manner, you manage to function consistently well, although certainly less efficiently than you desire.

This explains my attempts at poetry in my teenage angst. I do think I’m pretty well organized and moderately successful in my endeavors so far. I do really well with lists and make them for myself frequently. I do find however that I’ll get halfway in and forget all about the list – efficiency is definitely a weak point of mine.

You prefer the abstract and are a theoretician at heart while retaining the ability to be practical. You find the symbolism in a great deal of what you encounter and are something of a “mystic.”

Makes sense in terms of my interest in mysteries, suspense novels and investigative shows. Probably also explains my strong attraction to music as it is almost nothing but symbolism, all music in every form is full of symbols and expressions and a hodgepodge of others’ description of their emotion in their own symbols.

With regards to your lifestyle, you have the mentality which would be good as a philosopher, writer, journalist, or instructor, or possibly as a systems designer or social worker. Perhaps most important is your ability to “listen to your inner voice” as a mode of skipping over unnecessary steps to achieve your goals.

I can agree with that, I’ve always kind of been a writer, just had a few dormant years when there was nothing but grey in my life and no source of inspiration. I do think I have honed the ears for my voice over others, so that I stay true to myself and happy. Glad it noticed and I can honestly say I’ve been able to skip lots of steps to get where I’m going.

Whoa! I think the results are dead on. If you take this test, post the results so we can all see how you work MouthyGirl!

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Here’s a link to the Brain Test!


4 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. WHOA!
    “Dunn, you exhibit an even balance between left- and right- hemisphere dominance and a slight preference for visual over auditory processing. With a score this balanced, it is likely that you would have slightly different results each time you complete this self-assessment quiz.

    You are a well-rounded person, distinctly individualistic and artistic, an active and multidimensional learner. At the same time, you are logical and disciplined, can operate well within an organization, and are sensitive towards others without losing objectivity. You are organized and goal-directed. Although a “thinking” individual, you “take in” entire situations readily and can act on intuition.

    You sometimes tend to vacillate in your learning styles. Learning might take you longer than someone of equal intellect, but you will tend to be more thorough and retain the material longer than those other individuals. You will alternate between logic and impulse. This vacillation will not normally be intentional or deliberate, so you may experience anxiety in situations where you are not certain which aspect of yourself will be called on.

    With a slight preference for visual processing, you tend to be encompassing in your perceptions, process along multidimensional paths and be active in your attacking of situations or learning.

    Overall, you should feel content with your life and yourself. You are, perhaps, a little too critical of yourself — and of others — while maintaining an “openness” which tempers that tendency. Indecisiveness is a problem and your creativity may not be in keeping with your potential. Being a pragmatist, you downplay this aspect of yourself and focus on the more immediate, obvious and the more functional

    unreal how on that was

  2. Glad you liked that test – despite what I blogged about the results, the entire text as a whole was dead nuts on. I had my husband take it and it nailed him, too. Too bad they can’t work in some sort of “compatibility” result in there. Like perhaps left-brained and right-brained people do NOT make a whole brain if they marry and have children. LOL!

    Annie Binnss last blog post..Lotus Clark Type 25 Elise: Dedicated to Jim Clark

  3. ‘Erica, you are moderately right-hemisphere dominant and have even preferences between auditory and visual processing, traits that might make people perceive you as “slightly off balance.”‘

    I think the test just insulted me!

    Ericas last blog post..Golf + Hail = Welts!

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