GirlFriday Isn’t it Ironic?

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Tomorrow we’re going to see Wall-e, looks cute but not incredible, we shall see. I can’t wait to see Hulk and Dark Knight. Very excited to see those movies. I don’t know if any of you have noticed that the movies for the last several years have sucked SO BAD that I haven’t been in years. Sure good movies have come out, but not great ones. So I’m excited that so much good stuff is coming out.

Hancock is coming out next week I think and I’ll go see that too, that and Dark Knight are the two I’m looking most forward to. What are you guys doing this weekend, any movies you’re going to see I’m not? Or more exciting plans?

For GirlFriday today folks, I’m sharing a YouTube video with you that I think is quite ironic. And now without further adeau:

Okay, enough with the tribute. We loved him, will always love him, I’m drinking to George tonight…now let’s move on. I love this bit about making a movie in prison

Richard: “Why did you murder the whole family?”
Murderer: “Because they was home.”

“Thank God there are prisons!”



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