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You know who I can’t tolerate? The people who talk themselves up and make it sound like they can do everything and you can’t do anything. A perfect example for my Hell’s Kitchen fans is Chef Bobby, all talk and no action. Or as I call it, full of shit.

I’m one of those kind of people that won’t ask someone else to do something I won’t do myself, unless I simply can’t do it myself. Like working on my car, I can’t do that but hubby can so I have to ask him to do it.

When I hear someone talking about all the shit they can do and all that they can accomplish or have accomplished, I expect the same kind of results out of them that they brag of and when I don’t see it, my trust in that person is gone.

I don’t understand why anyone would make themselves seem more capable than they are, it’s disappointing and you make yourself look foolish to other people, tarnishing your reputation. Through my job and life experience I’ve become more aware of the people around me and why they’re there. I watch people and I’m suspicious of almost everything.

When I begin to trust someone and have expectations of them based on their professed abilities, and they don’t come through on their word, I can’t help but distance myself and find ways to avoid that person. I prefer to spend my time with people of their word, not pompous, self involved jerks.

What types of people piss you off or irritate you?

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4 thoughts on “Piss Me Off

  1. Oh, hard question to answer! I think the type of people who piss me off is probably the people who don’t care! Holy smokes, at least work hard once in a while. For example, the people who never study for exams or something…or they skip the class and just SHOW up to write the exams. Also, I think people who stare way too much should get a life and stop judging others. :roll:

  2. what types of ppl piss me off… very stubborn ppl. who insist there way is best, when if they wouyld just chill amin they might see a clearer easier way…

    ppl who go back on there word, which i been dealing with a lot lately, WTF. or ppl who make me the middle man… I hate that shit!

  3. Oh, I couldn’t stand Chef Bobby! He was the “4-star general” of whatever.

    I hate people who demean others by verbal bullying, mean jokes, or subtle put-downs, only to defend themselves with: “What, I was kidding! Can’t you take a joke?”


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