Birth Control: Who’s Responsible? Her or Him?

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So we know birth control isn’t used as often as it should be, no question of that. Be that as it may, let’s talk about who’s responsibility it is in the first place.

I personally believe the responsibility lies with both people, if you’re old enough to have sex or you think you are, you should also be old enough to realize that the product of sex can be children. Ideally, both would be held responsible for the birth of a child after having sex wherein birth control fails, or worse, isn’t used at all.

But the question begs to be answered, who’s responsible ultimately for birth control?

Some would argue that the responsibility lies on the female because she bears the child and it is her body that will be changing if birth control fails or isn’t used.

Some would also argue that the responsibility lies on the male in the act because birth control is easier, cheaper and more convenient for him.

Where do you fall in this argument? Regardless of age, relationship or any other outlying factor.

This morning I was listening to a radio show, and a girl called and stated that her boyfriend had slipped her a morning after birth control pill (I wondered how in the hell that got by her) and she had found out while doing laundry by finding the package the pill came in, in his pants pocket.

She explained that she had been on a brand of pill and it was making her gain weight (which they all do) and so she went to the doctor and he made her wait 30 days before she could get another brand of birth control. She told her boyfriend that she was off birth control so if they had sex without her on the pill she could become pregnant. I believe it was left at that.

Let’s fast forward to her finding the package for the morning after pill in his pants. She confronted him and he noncommittally confessed. But that wasn’t enough for the DJ on the radio. So they call our guy and ask him why and was it for his girlfriend or some other girl she didn’t know about. He said yes, he did, he slipped it into her breakfast (WOW!) because he didn’t want any kids.

I’ll leave the rest out and pose the question to you, was he right/wrong? Was she right/wrong?

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Birth Control: Who’s Responsible? Her or Him?

  1. I think Susan mentioned a good point, both of them should be responsible for birth control. If both of them were wanting to have a kid, then they should have talked about that and everything. There are so many factors that one can consider with this situation, but in the end, I believe both should be responsible or at least talk and have a good chat over it.

  2. I say both … and he was way wrong. what the hell are you doing in a relationship where your humping if your not big enough to talk about BC and what we do with the WHAT IFS?

  3. I love that, “keep the peanut in the jar” that’s a great quote. I agree that the responsibility lies on both parties unfortunately, women end up with more responsibility than men more often than not and since that’s a fact we have to get real and take care of ourselves. Birth control judt makes sense for anyone and especially a MouthyGirl because we decide what affects our lives rather than our circumstances determining the path we take.

    MouthyGirls last blog post..Birth Control: Who’s Responsible? Her or Him?

  4. Both! It is easy to point the finger but as a woman I need to protect myself- as do men. Sure birth control prevents an unwanted pregnancy but it doesn’t protect peeps from getting an STDs.
    If you can’t be upfront and honest about sex and birth control- keep the peanut in the jar:)!

    Susans last blog post..2, 4, 6, 8 Who Do We Appreciate Blog Chain!

  5. If he thought she was a lying bitch, why’d he bother even having any sort of involvement with her?

    I mean… yeah unless he just wanted to have sex with her and it meant nothing. But if that was the case why would he go through the trouble of getting a morning after pill ahead of time? Why not a condom?

    To answer the FIRST question… it lies with both. If you don’t want kids, make sure you take care of yourself. If you’re in a relationship, it shouldn’t even be an issue.

  6. Okay… he was wrong, completely.

    Like she was upfront about it. She told him she wasn’t on birth control.

    He was devious and underhanded, and by the way, illegal. You can’t just give someone a drug without their consent.

    I think that responsible people talk about this, BUT that’s assuming that both parties are responsible and honest.

    As someone who got pregnant in college, I’d say that if the girl doesn’t want a child, she should take responsibility for the birth control, even if that’s unfair. After all, if the guy won’t take responsibility for the BC, he also won’t take responsibility for the child.

    Sarah Chias last blog post..Southern Hospitality

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