Hell’s Kitchen Finale Part 1

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We never watch when it’s on. We love the show so much we don’t want to wait through the commercials, so we record it on the DVR and watch it after it’s over so we can fast forward through the commercials. Ha!

So for the first time I’m going to blog while I’m watching it. Tonight, the top two chefs, Christina and Petrozza are going to bat making signature dishes of their own. This will no doubt be hard because the ultimate decision is based on taste, not skill.

We’re going through all the reminders right now of the winners and losers and a rundown of the season. There are several people that I was not sad to see go at all, Jason for one, Matt, Jenn for another. Sad to see Jennifer, Lou Ross and Corey go, but no one else really. Mentioning the cooking school, what a farce that was! Ridiculous even.

Hard to believe we haven’t missed a single show. That never happens, we always miss at least one episode of something. We almost did when we moved. The greatest thing about this show is the screw ups and Chef Ramsey getting pissed off, at least that’s the draw for me, I can’t cook for shit, lol. You know it’s over when you start hearing, “I’ve had enough!” from Chef Ramsey.

This season the prize is to be the Executive Chef for Gordon Ramsey in LA.

So they’re told to put together a menu and then they’ll design each side of the restaurant. Petrozza is already in trouble because he can’t seem to put together a menu, but as he designs the restaurant it all starts to come together for him.

Chef Ramsey calls them both up to his office the next morning and tells the two of them he’s nervous about the final two. I’ve never seen Petrozza’s eyes get bigger, like a deer in headlights! Chef tells them they’ll be going to New York to prepare their signature dish. On the plane they talk about the history and Christina has won 9 challenges, it’s a record in Hell’s Kitchen! She’s gunning for 10 though.

Okay, they’re in New York while Hell’s Kitchen is redone for each of them, and they’re names get shown on the Panasonic screen while Chef tells them that after all this they get to go to Dubai to Chef’s restaurant there. Christina says, “Where’s Dubai?” later.

In New York at Chef’s New York restaurant and Petrozza FINALLY wins a challenge, each of Chef’s 5 Executive Chefs tasted each dish and decided who’s they liked better, so he gets first pick before Christina. And Whoopi Goldberg appears out of nowhere, totally unexpectedly, why? She’s a fan.

Now they’re back to see the restaurants. Uh oh. Christina hates her restaurant and Petrozza loves his. So what to do? They decide to paint over Christina’s stripes and then go to picking their teams.

Petrozza picks Bobby first, and after Christina picks Corey, Petrozza takes Ben, and Christina picked LouRoss and Jenn and Matt are left as choices to be picked from at the beginning next week. Petrozza eloquently states, “it’s like picking the lesser of two evils”. Indeed.

Who do you think will win?



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  1. At the moment, I don’t believe there are reruns due to the timetable of FOX. You can go on YouTube and search for the episodes, people post them all the time! 🙂 I use to watch Project Runway all the time on YouTube.

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