Mouthy, Pretty, Smart and…. Intimidating?

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Let’s face it ladies, we can be intimidating. Those of us that have confidence, a good job or are in school trying to get to that good living in the future and have goals and plans, we can be hard to approach. We put a lot of time and effort into looking put together, and ladies when it works, we can be a little idealized in a man’s head and he shuts down for fear of doing anything we won’t like.

MouthyGirls are pretty, smart, funny, outspoken, friendly people we get along with virtually anyone and so sometimes it’s that whole fear of rejection thing that gets to a man, he might think, well what if she’s out of my league?

Speaking up when you have something to say and not sounding ignorant and combining all of the elements that make up a MouthyGirl or any female that is successful make us sort of like a muse. Then there’s always the thing where he knows who you’ve been with and is afraid you’ll compare them. Logically, we know that the people in the past stay there, but that doesn’t always ease the mind of the object of your affection.

So let’s help him out a little. First of all, we’re all people. At the end of the day we all have to put our pants on one leg at a time. No matter how worldly a woman is or who you think she’s been with before, if she’s with you, alone, you’re ahead of any other guy out there.

Ladies, I think we need to be more literal when we speak to men. If you want him to kiss you, say so, be friendly and laugh at their jokes if you aren’t already. Tell him he looks nice and say something about his shirt that you like, using that as an excuse to touch his shirt or get close to him and maybe even move in for a kiss. I’m a firm believer in sending a clear message. πŸ˜‰

Look him up and down, then raise your eyebrows and smile at him in suggestion while he’s looking at you so he knows you’re into him.

Talk about things you’d like to do, movies you’d like to see, mention one that maybe the two of you should go see together because you think it would be fun. If by this time he doesn’t seem to be understanding where you’re leading things..they’re always the classic objectifying symbol that is grabbing his ass. 😈

So what do you do to let him know you want him? This question is not just to the single people, you married folks have a few tricks up your sleeve, what are they?



4 thoughts on “Mouthy, Pretty, Smart and…. Intimidating?

  1. First of all, I would try not to stare at him too much or else he would give me a weird look, haha. I think both women and men can give strong messages if they follow through with it. It’s not something you can type out though, it’s just, in the moment, you know? πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t do the game. I just am. And apparently that’s cool. I think however I do tend to be a little intense. I need tips to tone it down without seeming disinterested haha

  3. hehe
    this married person got it good, there is no move just a fast look and a hey you wanna go? I’m all about being forward I got two small kids running around there is no time to waste with move making! lol

  4. I like to touch his leg when he sits next to me,
    I have noticed my hand start to inch closer and
    closer to the promised land the more drinks I
    have, but I’ve never had any complaints about
    being too forward or anything, lol.

    Men are so tasty!

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