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Success is something we speak about a lot, I write about it, strive for it and dream about it. So do you. But our two versions of success are different, or they should be anyways. We all have different things we strive for, and the fact that each individual is striving for something different is what makes us all so interesting, and worth listening to.

Listening can teach you so much, no matter what the circumstance. I was watching the last part of Clerks II recently, as that was the only part I could catch and a great message came across that I’d love to perpetuate here. Your success is determined by your wants and desires, not anyone else’s. Letting other people influence your future is foolish if they won’t be there to experience it all with you.

I liked how in the movie, the clerks came full circle from the first Clerks. I like that consistency of message, that where you are in life is okay if you’re happy with it. Your future is what you desire, if that means managing a local grocery store and retiring from it, so be it. If that’s what makes you happy.

No one can tell you what your life or future should be like, that has to be something you decide for yourself. Today I’m celebrating me and my plans for this life, and you should too.

What do you want to do when you grow up? šŸ˜†


2 thoughts on “Following Your Own Star

  1. Wow, I had lots of things I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be one of those people that created animation, tested out games and all that. I found that so cool, I would watch all those television documentaries that would show the career and how people would do make animations and everything. Also, I wanted to be a flight attendant for a while and a teacher. Right now, I am a nursing student and I love it. I do believe it is a star that I will arrive at and I do believe I will be successful in my own way. Will I earn like, a huge, huge salary in the future? Probably not, but the success of the job will be the most rewarding.

  2. I wanted to be a teacher and a mother, I was a teachers asst. for a few yrs before having children. I still am teaching just my own two now:) I am a success! my success will also be measured on the finished product what type of human beings am I raising? we will see how I do when they are grown are they going to be kind? will feed hungry ppl? or will they be self absorbed beautiful ppl who care nothing about what goes on out side “thier” little world. now if its the later I fail completely but if they in fact are good ppl and then I succeed again!

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