Hell’s Kitchen Finale Part 2

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So much happens on this show so fast! So Petrozza picked Jenn and Christina was left with Matt. Jenn is a bomb waiting to go off and Matt is a fruit loop but I think that’ll work out for the best for them. Those two will have to be watched.


Chef made some suggestions about Christina and Petrozza’s respective menus and has commented behind the scenes as well with his thoughts. Now the restaurant is being reviewed, Christina’s side first, and it’s beautiful, Chef said it was very L.A. But Petrozza’s is also beautiful, and Chef said it reminded him of the Hamptons, Wow!

It’s Go time!

Lots of issues in the kitchen, but it’s two hours into service and Christina’s kitchen isn’t moving. Almost at the end, by my clock there are ten minutes left. Everyone pulled out of their problems and we’re off to finishing…

The service was successful, now it’s decision time. I’ve been rooting for them both, it’s so hard to decide, but I really want Petrozza to win.


And Christina won! She’s a MouthyGirl so I think that’s great. I love that her response required Holy beep beep beep, lmao. And Petrozza is a gentleman till the end.

Til next season my HK buddies!



2 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen Finale Part 2

  1. Gees Sabrina, you make it sound so good..You now I’ m not one for the tube but now I think I’ll hav to watch next season…damn it i can feel my brains being sucked right out of my head

  2. I watched the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen and thought it was awesome! I was rooting for Christina but I was sad that Petrozza did lose. It is amazing how much she grew during this show and well, I guess I wanted a woman to win this season too, hehehe. πŸ˜† What other reality shows do you watch? I am SO addicted to them!

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