Life is Hard

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No one ever told me that life would be easy and if someone dared tell you that it would be, they’re a damn liar.

The easiest time in life is during childhood or after you’ve won millions. The in-between can be downright hairy if you let it be.

I look at my son these days and find myself so jealous of his charmed life, he wakes up around 10 or 11 or whenever he wants to and watches tv for a while or plays his playstation or whatever tickles his fancy from the many things we’ve provided him to entertain himself.

Each morning that I leave on my way to work, I feel two things, jealousy that he gets to stay home; and pride that I provided a life for him where staying home doesn’t have to be such a boring experience. I didn’t have it so good when I was his age, but things weren’t available then either that could occupy my time like the things that are available now.

Here are some tips that might make the day to day seem less stressful if you can keep your outlook positive. Something to keep in mind anytime you have a fear of being fired or your job being dissolved or anything that creates a fear inside you of looking for another job, think about this, “I was looking for a job when I found this one”. That might make it a little easier to venture out there, update that resume and start spreading it like wildfire over the vacant job listings.

Another expression to keep in mind is to, “Leave it at the door” that works both ways in the professional world, leave your home life at the door as you walk into work and leave your work life at the door as you walk out of work, this helps keep you from carrying all your problems all the time at both places.

Say you’re having marital issues, leave that at the door and don’t think about it at work because letting those personal issues cloud your work will become a problem that takes you back to our first tip, looking for a job, think of work as your respite from life (if you can) and think of home as your respite from work. Leave your issues with each place where they belong, in their place. I know that’s hard, but it’s necessary to keep both lives separate.

Everything you learned about life in high school was wrong and they forgot to tell you that as you picked up your diploma, sorry. But I’m telling you now, time flies faster after high school, and high school doesn’t prepare you for the real world. “F” means FIRED, not fail and retake in the real world.

There are no rules, only laws, goals and morals. How you handle the grey areas in between laws, goals and morals is up to you, but know that you have to own what you sell. If you walk confidently and present yourself as a take charge person, someone who can fill the spaces where they’re needed, you better be able to do it.

Likewise if you mope around work everyday and do as little work as possible and spend as much time surfing the internet on their dime as you can, you have to understand why you’re being replaced. You may not like it, but if that’s how you are in your work ethic you have to own it and realize it’s probably your fault you got shitcanned.

No one said it would be easy to be an adult, no one said it would be fun and there’s no silver lining at the end unless you create it for yourself now. So don’t count on everything turning out roses in the end if you didn’t put some good quality mulch down and plant those babies.

Life is hard, but being unprepared for the stress that accompanies life is much much harder. Walking into life prepared is an advantage that not many parents give their children. We coddle our children and tell them that every thing’s okay when it’s not and everyone’s a winner when they’re not and time out is what happens when you do things wrong. BULLSHIT, it’s go hard or go home and if you break the law, you go to jail.

Don’t go looking in your neighbors’ yard, thinking their life is coming up roses because life is better over there, their grass is only greener because they have more shit. Cultivate your garden of eden with things that make you happy, hobbies that make you feel good and surround yourself with people that you can tolerate and you’re off to a head start.

But I have to leave you now because, I owe, I owe, so off to work I go!


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  1. Fantastic post, one of the greatest post of! šŸ˜Ž I totally know what you mean with high school, it does fly by and in my opinion, I am so, so glad that it’s over. I always wondered why people would slack off in school, I mean, why would you skip class just to go get a coffee? Are you wanting to stay in high school forever? Take another year to complete the courses that you were too “lazy” to go to? I think life truly is hard, but in the end, it can be so rewarding and amazing at the same time.

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