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Just when life is rockin’ along at a steady pace, no blips on the radar, no potholes yet hit after our most recent move, and like most things, suddenly and without warning yesterday morning, my phone does it’s little text message tune:

MouthyMan – “My clutch went out”.
MouthyGirl – “Oh shit”
MouthyMan – “I know, it’s gay.”
MouthyGirl – “Did you make it to work?”

He made it to work, but now we have a problem on a high end Honda that always requires ordered parts. My dad took a look at it, he’s a mechanic, and figured out we need a rebuilt transmission. YAY!

Until we get that transmission rebuilt and back in the Honda, I’m truckin’ about 120 miles a day from home to his job to my job, then in the evenings from my job to his job to home. Time to learn my two new cd’s backwards and forwards, lol.

Yeah, it’s Hump Day for sure, but you know what? At least we have the means to fix it. It’s a good day when this kind of car trouble isn’t absolutely devastating.

I hope you all have a great Hump Day and do some humping somewhere in there even if it’s a quickie, lol.


What’s up in your world today?



3 thoughts on “Getcha Some!

  1. Haha, time to get the bike out! šŸ˜‰ What exactly do people mean when it’s “Happy Hump Day?” I keep hearing that saying but I have no idea what it means!

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