In the ER on Monday Morning

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I was en route to drop hubby off this morning and head to work when my StepMom called me crying. Never never good, I immediately asked and she told me what was wrong, Dad was in the ER they think he’s had a stroke or a heart attack. And I have that visual of her alone there and him there hurting and I’m a wreck. I tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can and hubby tells the boss we’ve got an emergency.

They’ve admitted him to the hospital and I’m using my Dash to it’s fullest with research and blogging this. Thanks to all the hardworking people at this hospital. Wish they’d let my Mom have a cigarette, though I understand why not. Update later.


3 thoughts on “In the ER on Monday Morning

  1. I am glad your dad is doing better, getting that call is always the worst.
    I hope he continues to get better.

  2. Thank you, fortunately tonight before I left the hospital he was cracking jokes and talking about being back at work by Friday. I’m concerned about his overall health but he has already put the steps in motion to make a big change in getting lap band surgery before this happened.

    I’m trying hard to stay positive. Thanks so much for the hugs, they were needed. 🙂

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