Stripping as Exercise?

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I’ve heard of this and even heard of Carmen Electra’s video tape teaching you how to Striptease, but I haven’t ever given it much thought. I can’t imagine just proudly flaunting my stuff anywhere, even in my bedroom.

However, it’s a relatively new phenomena that seems to be taking shape and gaining momentum. Who knew glamorizing stripping would be such an easy sell?

Strippercize, Eroticize, Pole Dancing, etc. it goes by lots of names, but what it comes down to is sweaty and sexy. We all know sex sells and who can honestly say their man wouldn’t like this, if you were kind enough to share your newfound knowledge that is.

I can imagine things would get super Hott in the bedroom.


I’m considering trying it out, just for the workout. Would you do this kind of exercise? What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Stripping as Exercise?

  1. :mrgreen: yes i think its a great idea, i know lot of strippers and they really stay in shape so yeh it works:)

  2. I have been belly dancing soem lately and FYI I can really feel the pain tiny tummy muscles i never knew I had really have been wroking:)YAY ME

  3. I don’t know if I would be able to strip, but belly danceing can be just as good and it tagets core muscles I think i would try that first:)

  4. I don’t know if I would do this exercise, haha, but I know some of my friends do and they do say that it does work. So I think, if one has the confidence and wants to try it, go for it! It definitely is something interesting and new. For myself, I think I prefer jogging or skipping. πŸ˜‰

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