Do I Look Worried?

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Yesterday I thought everyone was fine, Dad was getting better and I
went to the hospital to see him thinking he would be coming home today, tomorrow at the latest. Nope.

And it was not a small stroke we found out yesterday. No it was a big one and he’ll be there til next week and I am so worried about him. He is very worried about his job and that they may take him back but fire him
later. My Dad is like everyone’s Dad, big, strong and the unspoken
authority figure that can still make me cry. It’s hard to see him
like this, so very scared.

He says they told him he may have some memory problems and his vision
is still wacky. I like to think I’m strong and that I can handle
most anything but this is testing me and while I think he’ll be ok, I
wonder if there’s something they haven’t told me.

Facing mortality is something I’ve run from and not successfully. I’ve been faced with death many times in my family and it still never seemed to hit home like this is. But this is my Dad! He’s only 53.

Have any of you dealt with this? How did it go? I’m sorry for the foray from what you’re used to, I can’t bring myself to write about the iPod and to construct the contest with this going on.

Another week and a few days my Dad will be in the hospital, I haven’t spoken yet to my sister since I called her to tell her what happened. I wonder how she is, she’s six, almost seven months pregnant and this isn’t any easier for her, possibly harder because she grew up in the same house with him.

I’ll probably start the contest Friday or Saturday, when I’ll have time to sit down and write the post and think up the rules and what I want y’all to do. Right now driving 120 miles round trip before going to the hospital has cut my days into a mix of driving, work and hospital noise. šŸ˜‰

Ya’ll have a great Hump day and getcha some!



6 thoughts on “Do I Look Worried?

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad, especially at only 53. But, being that young, it may be good for a better recovery.

    My grandmother has had a couple strokes. She’s not the same as she was before. But, of course, the faster they can recognize a stroke and take measures for it, the better off the person will be. I think that sometimes they may have taken too long to determine that it was a stroke. But, I don’t know.

    And, my father has had health scares too, so I have some idea what that’s like too. I wish the best for you and your family, and a speedy and successful recovery for your dad!

    dcrs last blog post..The Great Vanishing of the Experts

  2. I appreciate all of you so much! You’re too
    kind šŸ™‚

    I’ll be back in my sassy tude tomorrow, just
    not feeling it today.
    You guys are awesome!

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