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Every morning or evening I sit down and I want to talk to you, discuss things with you, share our respective points of view. One day when I make a little dough, if I make a little dough on this site, I’d like to pay for vBulletin and offer a forum, if that’s something that fits with the vision when the time comes.

But between now and then, I’d still like to talk with you, discuss things with you, interact. I get an email whenever you leave a comment, I know instantly when someone has something to say about what I’ve written. I love that. I like to talk to you, hear your thoughts, share with you. Don’t you want to communicate with me? There are lots of ways to do that, I’m easy to find, but I think Subscribing to by Email is a big step in the direction of communication between us instead of me writing and you reading and we never talk.

Obviously we share some of the same ideals, and have a lot in common or I would’ve irritated you by now.

So join me here in conversation, I want to interact not just post and preach. When you subscribe by email, every time I update MouthyGirl you’ll know about it and can come let me know what you think. Which I would really enjoy very much. I like to think this is a place you can let your hair down and be free from oppression of your opinion.

So sit back, take a shot of Patron, and make your voice known!

Subscribe here and let’s talk.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing…

  1. That’s awesome how we have so many ways to interact with you! I love reading your blog and I check Twitter way too much, so if I miss a post, it’s great how you’re on Twitter to tell us. 😉

    Sabrina, I had a fantastic weekend of relaxing, haha.

  2. I’m very glad you’re here! The first time
    you commented I was sure you were my cousin,
    Becky. She doesn’t spell it “ie” and to
    hear her tell it, MouthyGirl is “just
    another one of those blog things”. LOL

    Any great plans for the weekend?

  3. I have your blog on Google Reader. So every time you put up a new post I read it, but I will subscribe, so we can talk.

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